In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve gathered a smattering of well-made, female designed MCM and MCM-inspired pieces we love.


Lily Chair by Orla Kiely
Lily Chair by Orla Kiely.

Orla Kiely knows her patterns! The velvet Lily Chair comes with a variety of pattern and color options. For pricing and availability, see

Pontiac Table by Ciseal
Pontiac Table by Ciseal.

Designed by Nicole Hodson who founded Ciseal, the Pontiac Table takes its cues from the mid century’s sleek profiles. The piece is handmade in the US. For details and pricing, visit

Marie Burgos Design Bullet Vase
Bullet Vase, available from Marie Burgos Design.

The unique shape of this Bullet Vase, while designed by Design by Us, is carried by the female-owned Marie Burgos Design. The vase can function as an object d’art on its own or fulfill its name to show off flowers. $159, available at


Eva Zeisel Schramberg Tea Pot
Eva Zeisel Schramberg Tea Pot, available at

Eva Zeisel, the Mid Century Modern, self-described “maker of useful things,” brought fun and warmth to her designs. Vintage Zeisel Schramberg Tea Pot, $4,347 at

Nanna Ditzel Nanny Rocking Chair
Nanna Ditzel Nanny Rocking Chair, available at

A Danish Modern designer, Nanna Ditzel designed a variety of furniture, including a collaborative design with her husband for The Hanging Chair, as well as jewelry for Georg Jensen. She designed many pieces solo, however, including, Nanna Ditzel Nanny Rocking Chair in black, $1,438 at

Nature Walk in Butterfly Wing, textile design by Ruth Adler Schnee
Nature Walk in Butterfly Wing, textile design by Ruth Adler Schnee for Knoll Textiles.

Taking inspiration from her time in Colorado, mid century textile designer Ruth Adler Schnee‘s work is available through Knoll Textiles. (Florence Knoll herself was a Mid Century Modern designer and entrepreneur celebrated in her own right.) Nature Walk in Butterfly Wing, $73/yard available at

Women are part of the Mid Century Modern design and its continuing legacy, and we’re happy to continue spotlighting female designers and architects whenever we can. Read about more Modernist women such as Ray Eames.

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