When Keven and Alana Stirdivant bought a 1950s home, they knew they had their work cut out for them. The kitchen and bathrooms in their Fullerton Forever home posed their own challenges, but the pair was up to the challenge.

Fullerton Forever kitchen
Keven and Alana opened up the kitchen to create more flow for the home. They splurged with polished concrete floors.

Fullerton Forever Kitchen Fiasco

Keven and Alana reserved a major facelift for their Fullerton Forever kitchen, where they opened up space. While when you look at the finished kitchen, the cream and beige palette fits the overall aesthetic of the home, Alana says that when the cabinets were initially installed, the wood stain was all wrong.

“They were this 1990s red color. Oh my gosh, I was so mad when I walked in!” Alana recalls. “It was a mistake that cost us a bit more money, but it worked out in the end.” That is, after they had the cabinets removed, spray painted and reinstalled.

A partial wall divides the dining room from the kitchen while leaving open space between the two areas. A cobalt-paneled wall and floor-to-ceiling windows flood the dining area with light and create the quintessential Mid Century Modern seamlessness between indoors and outdoors.

The dark paneling in the dining room provides contrast within the predominantly light and neutral color scheme.

Fullerton Forever Bathrooms: Variations on a Theme

The neutral colors in the kitchen combined with the natural light keep things serene, and the same holds true for the bathrooms. Instead of repeating the same tile, Alana’s choice of three different white tile shapes for the bathroom keeps the design interesting while still achieving a streamlined look. Some repeating elements, however, such as the faucet, mirror, and vanity light provide a sense of continuity throughout the Fullerton Forever home.

The same mirror is installed in the master bathroom, a technique meant to create harmony throughout the house.
Fullerton Forever bathroom tile
A striking fan-shaped design in gray tile creates a focal point for the master bathroom.

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