Mid century modern comes in all shapes in sizes. From doorknobs to ceiling fans to showerheads, there is an abundance of mid century elements that can really capture the aesthetic you’re going for. However, there is one item that is typically ignored, or better yet,  “walked over”. This would be the elusive, the incomparable, the ICONIC: mid century rug.

Typically forgotten, this piece of decor has the ability to complete your mid-century spaces, as well as bring a more succinct and textually-dense feeling to your entire home.

Additionally, the perfect mid-century rug is not as difficult to find as you may think. With the help of handy-dandy Amazon.com, there are plenty of exquisite rugs right at your fingertips.

Here is a list of our favorite mid-century rugs found conveniently on the world’s largest online marketplace!

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#1. You’re Awesome, Orange Blossom!

An interlooping-oval mid-century rug with orange detailing.

A fiery burst of orangey passion…we’re sold! Gabriela Contemporary Runner Rug, $93

#2. Zig Zag, You’ll Want to Brag

A yellow, blue, and green zig zag mid-century rug.

Almost like traveling down the yellow (blue, cream, green, and grey) brick road! Retro Wave Shag Area Rug, $190

#3. The Brutalist and The Beautiful

A brutalist architecture-inspired area rug.

Bringing industrial-chic inside! Yes, please! Ambrose Hand-Woven Wool Rug, $294

#4. Diamonds Are a Rug’s Best Friend

A mid-century rug with diamond shapes all over.

A diamond in the rough, and a diamond in our hearts! Scandinavian Retro Diamond Geometric Rug, $160

#5. Things Are All Lining up

A mid-century rug with linear designs overlapping each other.

Oh me, oh my! There is so much you can do with lines! Rivet Wool Rug, $300

#6. Come on, Polygon

A grey rug with several multi-colored geometric shapes.

Confront your dreaded high school geometry days with this mid-century rug! 3D Textured Shag Area Rug, $150

#7. Marble Run…Maybe?

A mid-century rug with a swerving-pattern in differing shades of green, grey, white, and yellow.

Similar to the 1980s brain game, we are absolutely obsessed with this mid-century rug! Bullseye Shag Area Rug, $80

#8. Hits The Spot

A circular rug with a swooping beige and maroon pattern.

A dazzling disc that is sure to add a little new-wave spunk to your floors. Tribeca Slade Modern Area Rug, $75

#9. Stellar Starburst

A brown mid-century rug with several multi-colored starburst designs.

Blast off to other worlds with this mid-century rug (Spaceship sold separately)! Starburst Retro Area Rug, $94

#10. Singing the Blues

A monochromatic blue rug with hexagonal shapes all over.

Don’t be sad our list is over because this final rug is a keeper! Rivet Geometric Color Blocking Rug, $180