restored mid century modern home exterior
The expansive home is perfectly placed in a gorgeous garden. Courtesy of Toby Scott.

After returning to her childhood house in Brisbane, Australia, one homeowner thought it was finally time to bring some change to the Mid Century Modern home. Some updates were needed because of the house’s past—she wanted to open back up parts of the home that had been closed off years ago.

But some changes were needed looking towards the future, as she needed to home to be more manageable and accessible as she grew older.

“I examined the various alternatives and thought, ‘I’ll make my house suit me as I age,’” said the homeowner.

restored mid century modern home living room
The home sits on an elevated lot, giving it some beautiful views. Courtesy of Toby Scott.

Thanks to architect James Russell, the home was renovated carefully and beautifully. The original wrap-around veranda was re-added, and parts of the restored Mid Century Modern home were rearranged (like the bathroom and laundry room) to create a more seamless vista.

restored mid century modern home living room library
Loving the streamlined look of this place? We know we are. Courtesy of Toby Scott.

“It was very much an inside house, despite sitting within a beautiful garden,” said Russell. By making these changes, the picture-perfect outdoor space could be seen more easily throughout the house.

restored mid century modern bathroom
The little details, like a rustic wood bench and retro pink tile, make this bathroom feel extra luxurious. Courtesy of Toby Scott.

A private space for the homeowner— which includes a large bedroom, bathroom, and workspace— was also created. There’s even a private entrance and a space for caregiver quarters.

Russell describes the renovation as “a series of small moves.” Small changes throughout the home, like raising ceilings, opening up spaces, and adding in modern details, made a big difference.

restored mid century modern kitchen
The kitchen was given some modern updates, making it 21st-century-ready. Courtesy of Toby Scott.

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