studioshed modern shed
Courtesy of StudioShed.

Now more than ever, it’s important to make your home your oasis. But it may be hard to do that when your dining room is now your home office and your bedroom has a side hustle as your gym. So, if you’re running out of room and you have some backyard to spare, try installing a backyard shed!

These sheds aren’t your grandparents’ sheds, though. These sheds have style and might just compete with your Mid Mod home for the best-looking building. We’ve searched to find 5 modern sheds that we love and are ready for any purpose you throw at them— whether it’s a home office, gym, or just a place to escape the chaos of everyday life.

modern sheds modern shed
Courtesy of Modern-Shed.


These modular sheds come in 3 sizes that can fit a multitude of needs and are virtually endlessly customizable. They feature sliding doors, cement board siding and pine ceilings. We think the M/L shed with cedar siding would be the perfect home office or studio.

How big? The sheds can be customized to be anywhere from 80-192 sq. ft.

How much? Contact Modern-Shed for pricing information.

modern sheds oban cabin
Courtesy of Summerwood.

Oban Cabin

These Nordic-inspired structures come in 3 different sizes and would make the most relaxing backyard getaway. These cabins feature red cedar siding, spruce accents and a loft! These buildings give us major minimalist Mid Century Modern vibes.

How big? The sheds can be customized to be anywhere from 100-130 sq. ft.

How much? Oban Cabins start at $11,171 for a pre-cut 8′ by 13′ unit.

modern kwik shed modern sheds
Courtesy of Kanga Room Systems.

Modern Kwik Room

This Texas-based company creates pre-fab units that be assembled on site. They offer their sheds in five different sizes and they feature steel doors, a metal roof and pine ceilings. These modern sheds would be ideal for hosting an MCM Airbnb!

How big? The sheds run from 80-196 sq. ft.

How much? Modern Kwik Rooms starts at $7200 for 8′ by 10′ Kwik Room shell kit.

modern sheds backyard eichler
Courtesy of Backyard Eichler.

Backyard Eichler

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Bay Area, you can install one of these Backyard Eichlers! These mini Eichler modern sheds feature clerestory windows, sliding doors and a knotty pine ceiling. The easiest way to give your home gym some Mid Century style!

How big? The sheds start at 120 sq. ft and have the option to go larger where local ordinances allow.

How much? Backyard Eichlers start at $27,000 for a fully-installed 10′ by 12′ shed.

studioshed modern shed
Courtesy of StudioShed.


These fully customizable sheds come in 5 different styles and feature aluminum hardware, cork floors and french doors. The most modern guest studio or craft room is only a few clicks away!

How big? The sheds run from 64-240 sq. ft.

How much? StudioSheds start at $9,800 for an 8′ x 10′ shed.

Time to start customizing your very own modern shed! The possibilities are endless— what will yours look like? And if you’re looking for a backyard getaway for the littlest members of your family, check out these retro playhouses!

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