mutt'erfly house
The Mutt’erfly House features a classic butterfly roofline that is also a living roof, and, our favorite, a breeze block door.


For dog owners, a designated shelter for the furriest family member is a must-have. But finding a suitable dog house for Fido that isn’t a plastic igloo can be difficult.

This is where Alejandro and Sara Pijuan come to the rescue. The couple launched Pijuan Design Workshop (PDW) in 2012.

“I have always been fortunate enough to 
be around man’s best friend,” Alejandro says. “From my first dog, Cookie, to my current dog, Adilynn, I’ve always had a soft spot for our four legged-friends. What better way to show our appreciation for their happiness and never-ending tail wags when we get home than their very own house?”

mutt'erfly dog house breezeblock detail
The metal breeze block screen exudes classic MCM style while also allowing ventilation for your pooch.

Architecturally Sound

The Los Angeles couple offers more than an affection for dogs. Both received their Masters of Architecture from the University of Southern California, and their training ensures their dog house design is as accurate a representation of mid century style as possible.

“We both come from a background in architecture in which we value the integrity of design. PDW aspires to blur the lines between form and function,” he says. “As Mies van der Rohe once said, ‘I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.’”

“PDW takes its inspiration from our professional careers in architecture. I currently work for an LA-based architecture firm, where I am an Associate Partner + Senior Designer,” Alejandro says. “Working at an LA-based firm allows me to expand my knowledge of architecture while, conversely, my designing of dog houses also gives me a different perspective in design.”

“I wouldn’t be able to pursue this endeavor that is PDW if it wasn’t for the support and unwavering dedication of my partner and wife, Sara. She truly is the backbone of what it takes to keep a business moving, and I cannot thank her enough,” Alejandro says.

MCM dog house mutt'erfly house-detail

Love For Modernism

The Pijuans have learned that, for them, designing is the easy part. “We are constantly working hard on getting our name and design out to the masses, while still concentrating on bringing the best design to the table.”

Both Alejandro and Sara love mid century style for its clean lines, simple designs and indoor-outdoor connections. “In its simplest form, Mid Century Modern employs details that are structurally logical, such as exposed post and beam, which allows for more open, inviting spaces,” he says.

The duo bases their designs on these elements—creating dog houses fit for the furriest mid mod fans.

Mini Mid Mod

“When setting out to design a doghouse we start with two parameters, style and functionality,” Alejandro says.

Size is the first functional element they take into consideration. Using standard crate sizes as the basis for the house’s so-called living room, Alejandro and Sara design for dogs of all sizes—from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds.

Then comes the fun part—adding in dog-friendly, functional amenities. “From accessible green roofs to partially covered sun decks to peek-a-boo windows and artificial turf, we design and integrate as much as we can,” he says.

Fully customizable, Pijuan Design Workshop can tailor your pet’s mid mod ranch to meet their needs as well as your style requests. You can customize everything from their bowl placement to the house numbers to suit both your MCM tastes and your four-legged best friend’s needs.

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