Our pets are part of our family. They share our spaces with us and we like to give them just a little dash of our own style. When you’re a modernist, this is even more important, as nothing is more chic than a stylish pet! From dog houses inspired by your favorite midcentury architects to stylish furniture pieces to hide away your cat’s box, we’ve got the X best pieces for the midcentury modern furry friend!


Modernist Cat Scratching Console - MCM Pets

Most cat owners have something in common: the fear that their beautiful, expensive furniture will find itself in the warpath of a cat with an itch to scratch. And let’s face it—cheap cat scratchers look pretty terrible in your home. Until Modernist Cat, that is. If you’ve got some bucks to spend on your purring pal, take home one of these customizable Cat Console scratching tables. (Oh, and they have MCM tables to hide your cat’s litterbox, too!)


You love living under your slanted roof—why can’t your pooch have the same joy? The Puphaus dog house is a super stylish, custom-made dog house for your pup. With great materials and even built-in food and water dishes, your pup will be enjoying the yard in modernist style!


TheseCreatures Temple Food Dishes

You love breeze blocks, so you’ll love these bright and colorful food dishes from These Creatures. Stainless and sustainable, these dishes are a sweet way to keep your furry friend fed and watered all while keeping that slick MCM style living on strong!


Catswall Curvy nest

Cats love to climb and we love to watch them do it—that is, when it’s not your vintage lamp with fiberglass drum shade. To keep your pesky critters from exploring the upper reaches of your priceless pieces, entice them with the Curvynest from Catswall. The funky shape and bold colors are sure to fit in with your Googie decor!


Bambu II Mod Petlife dog bed

A good elevated dog bed is comfortable for your pooch and easy on the eyes for you. If you’re looking for something a little more understated to match your natural-wood decor, grab you and your best friend a Bambu Hammock II from Mod Petlife. They have plenty of dog models trying them out, and boy, do they look satisfied!

If cat hair is not your favorite accessory on your vintage upholstery, you need a cozy cat bed that is attractive to both you and your feline. Enter the Scandinavia cat bed from Ultra Mödern Pet. The funky design, shocking color and peep holes perfect for hiding out make this cat bed the ultimate hideout for the retro pussycat!