While mid century style loves a large, clean floor, the perfect area rug is a great way to infuse your room with color, texture and pattern. It can be a bold statement for a neutral room or a nice accompaniment for some of your funkier pieces you don’t want to upstage. We’ve pooled together our favorite rugs of all colors, sizes and styles to outfit your mid century ranch with the perfect, floor-warming base.

Ashland Light Blue Area Rug

Need a rug in a room that has a lot of light? Blue, like this Ashland Light Blue Area Rug, keeps the space feeling cool and is less likely to fade.

An area rug boasting a orange and red "wish bone-esk" pattern.

Tessalated geometrics never go out of style, especially in the orange and neutral colors of this Klein Orange/Red Area Rug by Jill Rosenwald. Pair with your favorite wood-legged furniture pieces and don’t forget the brass accents!

A blue area rug containing three circles with various displays of green, cream, and gray.

If you’re looking for big and bold patterns, this blue shag rug is just what you need. The pattern works best unobstructed and the shag is nice on your feet, so try it in a large space in your bedroom!

A mid century area rug with a green color scheme and tree-wood pattern.

In groovy olive green and a faux wood design, the Inhabit Rug is a nice pair for a masculine room full of dark, wood pieces. Bring out your yellow or orange accents to really complement the space.

A brown area rug with an abstract collection of circles tinted soft green.

Brown and yellow—such a classic pair! Go for that totally late-mid century feel with this groovy River Rock Wool Rug in Chocolate and Kiwi, pairing with your funkiest upholstery and kitsch.

A mid century area rug with a collection of multi-colored ornament shapes in a repeating pattern.

In a white room with white curtains…you need some color! Loving that bright and slick Palm Springs mod look? Add a serious flash of color with the Contour Area Rug II.

A sun-kissed orange rug with an array of overarching circles for a pattern.

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t partial to orange, but the mesmerizing pattern on this Sun Area Rug is so atomic! Counter its warm glow with a nice cool color, like a teal or might we suggest a nice lime green?

A wool mid century rug with a sharp geometric linear pattern.

Sometimes, all you need is a nice slick base for the rest of your fab furnishings. In that case, keep things nice and neutral yet interesting with the Roar + Rabbit Shadow Geo Wool Rug and pair with pretty much anything in any solid color!

Can’t get enough of these absolutely astounding area rugs? Check out our favorite mid century rugs found conveniently on Amazon!

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