Striking and sleek, these functional benches cover all the leisurely bases. Acting as a footstool, ottoman, sitting bench or even coffee table, the designs are simple yet effective.

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#1. Simply Stupendous Storage

A mid century bench with a wooden cabinet attached and gray cushion.
Take your home from “snore” to “store” with this functional and charming mid century bench! Not only is it the perfect complement to your surrounding decor, but it also has the handiest little compartments at the ready. Easmor Upholstered Storage Bench, $299.

#2. Going Gray

A bench with a curved symmetry and gray color scheme.

Searching for the simple, sleek, and chic bench of your dreams? Well look no further, because this piece checks all three of those boxes with its curved symmetry and soothing color scheme. Elsie Bench, $829.

#3. A Wood-Weaved Wonder

A mid century bench with a wood-weaved exterior.

Versatility you “wood”-n’t believe! With its sturdy infrastructure and v-shaped surface, this mid century bench offers a simple geometry fit for entertaining, storage, and anything else in between. J83B Bench, $1064.

#4. One’s a Bench, Two’s a Cushion

A mid century bench with a polished-wood exterior and two yellow cushions on each side.

Why have one, when you can have two twice the comfort? By offering a smoothly finished surface and intricately placed legs, this bench is a must for the most “wow-worthy” interiors! Solomon Bench, $900.

#5. “Look at Me!” Leveled Legs

A bench with an intricate leg scheme and a gray cushion.

Boasting a minimalist design scheme and elaborate leg arrangement, this bench can be incorporated into a slew of mid century spaces! Level Bench, $299.

#6. All Cushioned up and Ready to Relax

A mid century bench with a gray cushion and wooden-body frame.

Maestro, cue the cushions! With a linen-weave exterior and deep-seated cushion, this mid century masterpiece is the perfect piece for the comfort connoisseur. Mid Century Bench, $399-$649.

#7. The Board and the Beautiful

A mid century bench with a polished-walnut finish and metal legs.

Seamlessly constructed, this bench blends a polished walnut surface and metal legs into something truly extraordinary. Essentials Bench, $624-$684.


You’ve got the bench, but what could go with it? Here are ten of our favorite mid century rugs from around the web to complete the look you’re going for!

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