Do you think that the process of shopping for mid century modern décor could be more effortless, simple and pain-free. That’s the idea behind Article furniture, a new way to shop for home essentials, and Maureen Welton, VP of Design, is steering the aesthetics behind this Vancouver, Canada, company.

an arrangement of Article Furniture in a living room consisteing of a golder rust velvet couch, two round marble topped tables and an emerald green velvet armchair to the left.
Article appeals to a budget conscious consumer who wants a mid century look without the name brand price tag.

Maureen leads Article’s product development and selection, molding the look and feel of the company’s mid century modern-inspired products. The enterprise was started in 2011 by four engineers, and the founders devised an improved furniture-shopping experience. Maureen explains, “By focusing on a digital experience, Article can cut costs traditional furniture retailers can’t. We don’t pay for expensive showroom rentals, sales commissions or costs associated with a brick-and-mortar retail store. We pass these savings on to our customers.”

This also means that Article undoubtedly targets millenials, who would be be more apt to buying furniture online sans the traditional method giving big ticket items a “test drive” in a brick and mortar store.


Previously, Maureen was the founding partner and creative director of 18 Karat, an international home décor accessories and furniture company. In 2015, she met Aamir Baig, Article’s CEO and co-founder, through a mutual friend. Aamir told her all about Article and their need for a design and creative lead. She says, “I admired the gumption of the founders and wanted to be part of a growing movement of online shopping.” She was the company’s fifth employee.

a mid century inspired sideboard with a wine rack compartment on the left side and sliding front doors.
Designed with small-space living in mind Article’s mid century sideboard has multitasking storage in mind.

Maureen believed that quality furniture could be sold online at reasonable prices, and her faith paid off. Article now has 250 employees and warehouses in Seattle, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Jacksonville. At the end of 2017, the company achieved $100 million in gross annual sales. Shoppers clearly can’t get enough of Article’s modular sofas, lounge chairs and modern light fixtures.

Maureen Welton is the VP of Design at Article
Maureen Welton is the VP of Design at Article, an online marketplace that’s aims to change the way we shop for furniture.


As the company continues to move forward with its mission to take the headaches out of furniture shopping, Maureen shares that Article is working to expand their existing product categories with a goal to double their product offerings.

MCM Inspirations

Maureen began loving Midcentury Modern design in childhood.“My education and appreciation for Midcentury Modern design comes from an admiration for Dieter Rams and his ‘10 Principles of Good Design,’ Le Corbusier, the Bauhaus, and all the fine architects that were exploring West Coast Modern design in the ’60s and ’70s.”

a living room with a low entertainment console with walnut drawers against a white wall
Part of Article’s is to have products delivered from 2 weeks of order. They do this in part by keeping the delivery process in house.

Simply put, Article furniture’s products are clean, unfussy and polished, representing the practical, yet chic, aspects of Midcentury Modern design. This is an  approach that’s very much in line with Maureen’s personal tastes.

a mid century style dining room with Artivle dining table, wire-frame chairs and bench
Article offers a flat rate shipping fee of $49. Shipping is free on purchases over $999.

She says, “I love the honesty and simplicity of mid century modern design and the use of natural materials without excessive ornamentation and the spirited use of color.”

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