Remodeled kitchen in 1950 Michigan home
Knobs and pulls from Rejuvenation, Whirlpool appliances, and Formica laminate in Dogbone White place this 1950 Michigan kitchen back into a mid century vernacular.

This 1950 Michigan kitchen belongs to a ranch home designed by architect Michael Koteles. Sadly, the kitchen in this Grand Haven, Michigan home fell victim to a 1990s remodel that erased all the original materials. Designer Aletha VanderMaas came to the rescue and restored a Mid Century Modern feel to the kitchen through period-sensitive materials and color palette choices.

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Remodeled kitchen in 1950 Michigan home
The cabinets really bring restore a retro vibe. Aletha’s firm, True Home Restorations, custom designed the cabinets using photos of mid century angled-back upper cabinets as inspiration. The railing was another custom design, this time by Greg VanderMaas for True Home Restorations. 
Remodeled kitchen in 1950 Michigan home
Laminate countertops and lots of wood bring back the retro aesthetic. So, too, do the lighting fixtures. Aletha says, The globes look like they could have always been there.” Bright accents like the tea kettle from KitchenAid provide pops of color in an MCM palette.
Remodeled kitchen in 1950 Michigan home
Little details also restore a sense of the period, from a wooden plant stand, to an adorable mid century pink planter and wooden candle holder.

With Aletha’s attention to detail from the functional aspects such as appliances and cabinets right down to accents like the plant containers, this small kitchen is big on retro style. In addition to restoring a mid century feel, the cabinets also address the need for storage.

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