Texture plays a huge role in how art is perceived, interpreted and enjoyed, and sometimes a painting or print just won’t cut it. If you’re looking to add a point of interest in your home, you could use a three-dimensional MCM art piece that has depth in both its meaning and physicality. We gathered our top 10 retro art pieces to help get you started.

Tabletop Art

Black, red and yellow atomic mobile
Photo courtesy of Atomic Mobiles.

Enjoy vibrant colors and geometric shapes with this Moderne Stabile. A stabile—or kinetic mobile—can be displayed on a tabletop and doesn’t need to be hung from the ceiling.

Robot sculpture playing the saxophone made of vintage found objects
Photo courtesy of Refried Robots.

This “Sax Fiend” robot piece is guaranteed to start some intriguing conversations in your home! Doug Brannan makes robots using found vintage objects, and his creations are  one of a kind.

Foldable gold star sculpture
Photo courtesy of Design Within Reach.

Some art is only meant for visual enjoyment, but this Foldable Star Sculpture can be picked up and studied. It would make a great side table or office desk piece.

Dark Charcoal Sculpture and Little Phaedra print with orange frame
Photo courtesy of The Shag Store.

You can’t go wrong with an iconic three-dimensional MCM art piece by SHAG in your home. His “Little Phaedra” Modernist Ceramic Sculpture and Print Set would make an eye-catching vignette in any room.

Wall Hangings

Forced perspective black frame inspired by "Carlo of Hollywood" frames
Photo courtesy of Atomic Skyway.

Elevate your paintings and pictures with a “Carlo of Hollywood” style frame. Not only will your art be appreciated, but the frame itself becomes a secondary art piece!

Colorful abstract Mid Century Modern art
Photo courtesy of Atomic Pad.

The many layers of this Autour De Nous Wall Art imitate movement and life, so it would be a good piece to liven up a simple space.

Midcentury wooden wall hanging in a retro pattern
Photo courtesy of Art Laser Crafts.

If a large art piece is too much of a commitment, start small with this Mid Century Modern hanging mobile. They come in several stained wood color options that will brighten a window, doorway or wall.

17 piece glass mobile in bright colors and repeating shapes
Photo courtesy of Higgins.

This 17-piece Glass Mobile is an easy way to add a multitude of colors to you wall.

Wood sculpture art with black accents and circle and square shapes
Photo courtesy of Thomas Studios.

Turn your living room into an art gallery with these “Sun & Moon” sculptures. Their balanced look will bring balance to your life.

Midcentury wood wall art with color blocks
Photo courtesy of Modern Retrograde.

Mixing linen and wood materials, this Mid Century Modern sculpture painting would be a bold focal point to display behind a couch or above a fireplace.

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