Hotel Lautner
Made up of 4 rental units, Hotel Lautner is an actual John Lautner residence that midcentury architecture enthusiasts can enjoy in Palm Springs, California. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.

Before Coachella Valley was filled with festival goers and golf courses, Lucien Hubbard, famous movie producer, commissioned John Lautner to build a Hollywood oasis in the desert in 1947. The hotel took a different approach on hospitality and made its luxury rooms almost like a residence. For those looking to dabble in ’50s design or for those who are already fans, Hotel Lautner is a great way to experience living in a midcentury home.

Hotel Lautner
Commissioned in 1947 as an escape for Hollywood’s elite, the Hotel Lautner is a well-preserved architectural gem of the era. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.
Hotel Lautner
Each of the four suites feature a kitchenette and ample midcentury furnishings and luxury appointments. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.

The Design

With John Lautner as their biggest inspiration, owners Tracy Beckmann and Ryan Trowbridge, created a space that made concrete beautiful and unique angles a staple. They wanted a design that would emphasize the importance of the hotel’s architecture and they did so by throwing out the rule book and making a style of their own. They adorned the hotel with vintage midcentury furnishings and mixed them with their very own collected items. Beckmann says that she didn’t want the hotel to be a time capsule. Rather, her and Trowbridge brought their interior design skills together to create a style for the hotel that exemplified their love for art and travel.

Hotel Lautner
The owners of Hotel Lautner didn’t want the hotel to be a living time capsule, instead opting for a mixture of traditional midcentury furnishings and more contemporary decor elements. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.

They were challenged by Lautner’s geometric spaces, but their efforts to bring the hotel to its feet paid off. They get visitors from all around the world that compliment them on their interior design. They also attract a very specific group of vacationers. Beckmann states, “We attract creative types, free spirits, free thinkers, and people that love to experience new things.”

Her biggest advice for creating a home reminiscent of The Lautner is to listen to the space. She says that “the room will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t need.” Start collecting items that inspire you and that make you feel something.

Hotel Lautner
With skylights and beautiful wood features, each room is a haven for the architecturally obsessed vacationer. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.
Hotel Lautner
Outside of the giant windows is a miniature Palm Springs desert landscape within the confines of a private unit. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.

The Experience

For those who are fans of John Lautner and his astonishing architecture, The Lautner is the only one of his residences that is open to the public. Beat the heat at the pool, sip a cold drink in your room, or go explore because the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs area have plenty to offer. The Lautner is dedicated to giving you a residential experience, while providing the opportunities to see one of California’s most popular getaway spots.

Hotel Lautner patio
Soak up sun on your own private patio, with an incredible view of John Lautner’s incredible architecture. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.
Escape the dry desert heat from the pool, Palm Springs’ famous mountains and lively landscape as your backdrop. Photo courtesy of Hotel Lautner.

The Lautner offers something special with its architecture and design. MCM fans and decorators can agree that your environment and the design that surrounds you can affect the way that you live. Beckmann says that, “Great architecture and design can change your life. It impacts you in an indescribable way. You don’t know how but you’ll feel it. You’ll remember it. This is the feeling you will take away with you after staying at The Lautner.”

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