Online learning might be a new environment for your kids, and while you can’t control their powers of concentration, you can give them a great head start with a focused space. After all, Mid Century Modern style excels in clean lines and multi-use design. Check out some of our favorite ideas below.

mid century modern kids playroom
Photo by Jim Brown.

For toddlers and preschoolers especially, toys can easily overwhelm a space. A roomy chest of drawers can keep most toys out of view so that only a few stay out, at least in theory.

Take a departure from the effusive pastels that predominate designs for kids and opt instead for the bold yet simple color scheme of red, white and black. The variations of pattern on the rug still adds visual interest without the noise of typical patterns designed with kids in mind. Likewise, the red accent wall provides energy and pizzazz, suitable for both kids’ playfulness and adults’ sense of style.

mid century modern kids study
Courtesy of Spacecrafting Photography via HGTV.

The unique kid-sized table in this space provides the perfect spot for homework, virtual learning and snacktime. The two-level feature means a few things can be stashed underneath, like notebooks or textbooks. And the Mid Century style tapered legs make the table easy on the eyes.

The milk crates in the shelving unit are a wonderful solution for messy, clumsy hands. The pop of green they bring enlivens the space and ties in the trees outside.

mid century modern kids room
Photo by Bret Gum.

Why not use a multi-use shelving unit as a desk? The enclosed cabinets can store papers and notebooks while the open shelves keep crayons, pencils, and books at hand. Let your students choose some personal objects to keep in view. Being able to look up from their work to see an object that delights them can be reassuring—just make sure the objects are on the higher shelves so your young scholars aren’t tempted to start playing with them.

mid century modern kids study
Courtesy of North Fork Design Company via HGTV.

For something light, bright and airy, check out this sunny playroom that’s full of nooks and crannies for book and toys galore. We like how bulkier or more messy objects can be hidden away behind cabinets or in baskets, while schoolbooks can take center stage.

Also, check out how many fun seating options there are in this room! A pouf and a soft rug will provide options for the smaller family members, while a “watchful” adult can sit in the red chair opposite.

mid century modern kids study
Courtesy of Bo Bedre.

This kid-sized Tulip table takes the cake! Along with the fun pom-pom rugs, the minimalist wall shelving and those wonderful windows, this study room is equal parts practical and whimsical. The large windows and openness of this space help it not feel too cluttered, and the hanging pendant lamp draws the eye to the mini table.

And check out that wall unit too—by having a variety of items (but not too much of a variety) on the shelves, it breaks up the wall visually, while still allowing for some visual cohesion.

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