Board games, puzzles, art projects. Everyone’s doing it while they #stayathome to pass the time. We say if you’re gonna dust off those puzzle or creating skills, it might as well be for something Mod-tastic that will fit right into your mid century home. Here are some of the coolest mid century style games and activities from around the web.

Mid Mod Paint by Number

mid mod paint by number kit featuring a butterfly roof

How do we love thee, paint by number set, let us count the ways: 1) the nostalgic charm of a real life paint-by-number kit available today. 2) The amazing butterfly roof house complete with lady in repose in an egg lounge chair. 3) The names of the paint colors! Paint The Town By Numbers really thought of everything.

Frank Stella Puzzle

frank stella mid century modern puzzle and activity

This vibrant 750-piece puzzle is based off of modernist artist Frank Stella’s Firuzabad painting from 1970. The contoured edges mean it’ll be kicked up on the difficulty level but that just makes it extra rewarding. This is one puzzle we wouldn’t mind seeing framed and hung.

Roadtrip USA Puzzle

mid century style puzzles and activities: retro road trip puzzle

We’re a big fan of Hennessy puzzles and your search for mid century style puzzles and activities will no doubt turn up this classic. But this lesser known version filled with a collage of retro signs, air stream trailers and roadside attractions is just as fun and might be a suitably satisfying experience while road trips are still a bit far into the future for any of us these days.

Enzo Mari Wooden Puzzle

Enzo Mari Wood puzzle peices

Italian modernist artist Enzo Mari was inspired of the arts and crafts movement believe it or not. But it was the idealism he grasped onto, rather than the detailed ornamentation and his work took wholesome and pure symbolism to it’s purest form. This wooden kit is part puzzle and part construction block game. No matter how you choose to play this mid century game, it will look beautiful.

Mod Stencil Pattern

danish modern stencil pattern

If you’ve got craft or DIY decor ideas on the brain, this plastic reusable stencil pattern could come in handy for myriad projects. Based on Danish Modern style design, it’s clean, bold and fits in with a range of mid century looks.

Coloring Pages by Shag

Tiki coloring page by artist Shag

Young girl with cat coloring page by artist Shag

Now’s your chance to do your best Shag impression. The prolific artist Shag has been releasing these prints in his newsletter, so sign up asap and you might catch more!

Modern Domino Set

modern domnie set

There’s no better way to cheer up the mood than with a classic game in a bright fun color. This modern minimals domino set  reinterprets dots for modern shapes and dashes.

Mid Century Modern Coloring Books by Jenn Ski

mid century modern coloring books by Jenn Ski

Made from illustrations by beloved mid mod artist Jenn Ski, these coloring books are a delightful mindfulness activity.   The Mid-Century Modern Animals coloring book  is great for kids and bonus: once you’re done, the shapes and drawings can be cut out and turned into other crafts. Mid-Century Modern Mania is perfect for parents; it’s filled with charming drawings of furniture lamps and accessories– the perfect time to play interior designer.

Mod Mobile Kit

mid century modern puzzles and activities - mobil making kitReady to tap into your inner Alexander Calder? Then try your hand at this mobile making kit, don’t worry– it’s designed for just about anyone to be successful. We imagine it would be a zen experience with an amazing rewarding end product you’ll be eager to show off to friends and family.

Mid Century Modern Dollhouse Wallpaper

mid century modern dollhouse wallpaper

So this is a book of coloring pages meant to be used as wallpaper for your mid century modern dollhouse (hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it). But even if you’re not a dollhouse enthusiast, the intricate patterns are a fun way to zone out and and tune into your color and pattern making prowess. And you can use the paper for any kind of crafts.

Color-It-Yourself Mid Century Illustrations

House of Tomorrow illustration by Danny Heller

Artist Danny Heller is doing his part to keep people entertained in quarantine. He’s been releasing free downloadable prints that can be colored! (Or frankly, enjoyed as is since they’re so beautiful.) Follow him on Instagram so you don’t miss out in each newly released gift.

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