If you’re like us, you’ve been a ravenous consumer of entertainment media these days. And if you haven’t already tapped into the well of great design, architecture and history podcasts out there, well you’re missing out. We’ve rounded up our favorite  podcasts for mid century modern enthusiasts which focus on everything from lifestyle to design and history.

USModernist Radio

USModernist Radio logo and headshot of host George Smart
George Smart, the host and Executive Producer of USModernist Radio.

Founded in 2007, USModernist Radio is not only a podcast which features insightful and entertaining interviews with “fascinating people who own, create, love, and hate Modernist architecture,” as creator George Smart describes it. It’s also the largest open digital nonprofit educational archive for Modernist residential design in the world. And if you recognize the name in pages of Atomic Ranch magazine and our website, yes, George is a sometime columnist for Atomic Ranch too. We recruit only the best.

99% Invisible

99% invisible podcast for mid century modern fans
Host, creator Roman Mars was named by Fast Company as one of the 100 Most Creative People in 2013, he was a TED main stage speaker in 2015.

Roman Mars says that when we walk around this world, we see but 1% of the thought and effort that goes into the things that surround us. The other 99%– the unnoticed architecture and design poured into everything we see and use? Well they’re unsung, until now. Hence the name of his wildly popular show 99% Invisible. Each week Roman and his team explore the process and power of design and architecture- in oftentimes surprising ways and often on unexpected topics.

Mid Mod Remodel

bright yellow MId Mod Remodel podcast logoo
Mid Mod Remodel is based out of the Mid West where host Della Hansmann has worked on numerous residential projects.

This is the perfect podcast for mid century modern homeowners who who like to be hands on with their remodel or plan to be. Host and creator Della Hansmann is an architect who honed her craft focusing on mid century homes and the work that often needs to be done to restore or revitalize them for today with period authenticity in mind. Mid Mod Remodel’s episodes are short and sweet with such topics as “Why Decluttering Should be Step Zero of Your Remodel Plan” and “Use Pinterest The Right Way to Plan Your MCM Remodel” but they make for a great pep talk whether you’re starting your remodel, or just dreaming of it.

Sessions By Archinect

Archinect Sessions podcast logo
Sessions is the podcast from the Archinect, the resource hub for architects, by architects.

Archinect Sessions, may be a podcast aimed at professional architects and architecture students, but anyone who is a fan of the ideas, philosophies and goings on of the world’s most important and most beautiful buildings will enjoy this weekly show billed as “a casual discussion of the news and issues affecting professions in charge of the built environment.”

Next Up! Mid Century Homes

logo for Next Up! podcast
Host TJ Pierce is also the real-estate specialist behind Mid-Century Homes by Moniker Real Estate.

If you’re interested in getting to know the stories of and from the people behind some of the most notable homes, projects and events in mid century architecture and design today, then Next Up! Mid Century Homes is the listen for you. Host and creator TJ Pierce (who has moderated events for Atomic Ranch at Modernism Week) holds lively conversations with guests like Shari Stahl Gronwald, the daughter of Stahl House owners Buck and Carlotta Stahl for whom Pierre Koenig designed one of the era’s most iconic and recognizable homes. And yes, I have been on the Next Up! podcast myself about a year ago when I took the helm of Atomic Ranch in full, but that only means I can personally attest to how great a show it is.

This Past Life NYC

Podcasts for Mid Century Modern fans: This Past Life podcast logo
Host Lindsay Goranson is an actress, small business owner and one-time chronicler of life in the big apple.

If you’re in the mood for something different, Lindsay Goranson’s Adventure to Civility Series from her This Past Life NYC podcast/business is a fun and charming escape. Part 50’s-era radio show and part human interest storytelling show (ala This American Life ), Lindsay chronicles her time spent exploring what life in the mid century in New York City would have been like. And she tells the story through journal-entry like musings as well by interviewing local businesses that were around since then. Full disclosure: the podcast is now defunct and the episodes few, but it’s a imaginative and whimsical binge that’s worth the trip back in time.

Ted Wells Living : Simple

logo for Art Design & Architecture
Ted Wells can only be described as a design zealot. The author, architect, product designer and urban engineer is on the annual conference planning board for the California Preservation Foundation; Advisory Board member of the Society of Architectural Historians (and Southern California Chapter member) and member of the California Historical Societies of both Laguna Niguel and Orange County.

From Ted Wells, a jack of all trades- nay student of all trades in the world of design (buildings, urban spaces, books and products) comes the podcast Living: Simple. Also an architectural historian and writer, Ted explores what we can learn from celebrated architects and designers, and the houses, buildings, gardens and objects they create. His podcast frequently cover mid century subjects as Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lucienne Day and the Eamses. They are quick and easy episodes and while Ted stopped producing episodes 3 years ago, what’s there is insightful and elegantly produced.

Monocle on Design

podcast for mid century modern fans: Logo for Monocle on Design podcast

Like other podcasts for mid century modern fans on this list, Monocle on Design doesn’t focus entirely on mid century-era subject matter, but there are plenty of modernist focused episodes covered in the vast library to keep you entertained and enlightened. Check out the episode on Josef Frank, the founder of the Vienna School of Architecture and it’s concept of modern houses, or the bonus episode on Eileen Grey to name a few.

The podcast Moustalgia deserves an honorable mention on this list. It’s a podcast on all things Disney but it’s frequent coverage of historical facts and behind-the scenes tidbits along with interviews with imagineers and workers from the the park’s mid century heyday make for a fascniating listen.

And on our “one to watch” list?  Dezeen’s new Face to Face podcast where Dezeen founder and Editor in Chief Marcus Fairs chats with notable artists, designers and architects of today.

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