Right angles and natural materials blend to create a reflective, comfortable space for a recharging meal. Photo by Jim Brown.

You know the feeling: You walk into a room and you immediately sense a feeling of balance and calm. Perhaps you’re one of those people who can identify exactly why that is. For the rest of us, we might need a little nudge to get to that point of realization. If you want to recreate this sleek, Zen-like dining room design, consider the following 5 tips:

Insist on stylish yet comfortable seating. When throwing a dinner party, or when simply eating the day’s meal with family, everyone should be comfortable. Great conversations have a higher chance of happening if “the pressure” is minimized.

Choose beautiful woods that compliment each other. All your pieces need not be a perfect match. An eclectic yet harmonizing blend will set things right. A large plank table with seating for 8-12 people will accommodate most gatherings. If the party is really happening, there’s always room for more.

Illuminate your space with lighting that shows you, your guests and your food in the best light possible. Be mindful of LED and compact fluorescent bulbs that cast a bluer-than-desired tint over your entire space. Your friends and their skin tones will thank you.

Hang lamps above the table at a height that doesn’t interfere with your guests’ vision across the table. Also, centerpieces should follow this same tip. Placing a few low profile items at equal distances help to balance the space. Adding a natural element like succulents will achieve a little “bring the outside in” for your dining experience.

Use neutral tones and woven textures for paint, rug and furniture fabrics. As long as they are in the same hue, you can’t go wrong. A dining room does involve people eating food so consider fabrics that will withstand the stains that can occur if things get a little messy.