wooden retro playhouse in a water-wise backyard
This Eichler home has a mini Eichler playhouse designed and built by homeowners DJ and Paige Sigband for their young daughter. It’s built to complement the aesthetic—just look at those exposed beams! Orange, California. Photo by Bret Gum

Want to add some fun to your own backyard? We’ve rounded up mid mod goodies from retro playhouses to ray guns that shoot water. If you don’t have an outdoor space, we’ve included some toys to bring the campgrounds inside.

Main Street Retro Camper

A miniature canned-ham-shaped camper with windows and a luggage rack on top. A young boy sits in a wooden chair roasting marshmallows
Courtesy of lilliputplayhomes.com

We want one in adult-size please! This 1960s-style camper comes complete with retro kitchen and customizable license plate.

Luxury Playhouse

A miniature Mid Century Modern home with windows and a walkway sits in the grass with trees in the background.
Courtesy of smartplayhouse.com

This is definitely one of the chicest retro playhouses out there. With clean lines and floor-to-ceiling windows, you can clearly see the architectural inspiration in this deluxe playhouse.

 DIY A-Frame Playhouse

A white A-frame playhouse with a pink door sits on a wooden platform. A little girl wears a colorful dress as she pulls the doorknob.
Courtesy of abeautifulmess.com

 Looking for an entertaining outdoor activity this fall? Build your own adorable A-Frame playhouse with the help of this tutorial. A win for retro playhouses!

Duffy’s Diner

A child’s sized 1950s diner with a black door and black-and-white checkered trim detail. Children can be seen laughing through the window.
Courtesy of lilliputhomes.com

 We’ll take a chocolate shake and some fries please! Kids might have to actively keep the adults out of this one—the retro diner features miniature booth seating, a counter and a “drive-up” window.

 Legend Pedal Car

A miniature car with a turquoise metal frame, chrome wheel and font, and large cream wheels with black trim.
Courtesy of burkedecor.com

Race around the backyard in this dreamy pedal car, available in several retro color combinations!

Convert-O Bike

A child’s silver tricycle with black handles and wheels.
Courtesy of 1stdibs.com

 This 1950s aluminum tricycle looks straight out of the mid century (because it is)!

Primo Classic Ride-On Push Scooter

 A child’s sized seafoam green retro vespa-like scooter
Courtesy of designlifekids.com

Your kids may not get to cruise around Italy this summer, but they can certainly zip around the yard in style with this retro scooter.

Ray Gun Water Squirter

An orange and yellow box with two space-age style ray guns on the cover. Two space-age style ray guns, one bright orange and one dark blue.
Courtesy of oldtimecandy.com

Have a space-age adventure with these retro ray guns that shoot water! Can you defeat the aliens at Space Station 7 before they implement “Plan 9”?!


Child’s size red push car shaped like a retro red rocket.
Courtesy of radioflyer.com

Dodge asteroids in this atomic-style push car, complete with astronaut and space sounds.

Lilly Pulitzer Fancy Flamingo Pool

 A pink inflatable children’s pool shaped like a flamingo on a grassy lawn.
Courtesy of potterybarnkids.com

Cool off in style with this bright pool, reminiscent of a classic lawn flamingo. Kids, make sure your parents leave some room for you!

 No Backyard? No Problem!

Bring those summertime nights indoors with these campground picks.

Plush Campfire Set

Assortment of plush logs, rocks and fire arranged like a campfire. Toy roasting sticks hover over the fire
Courtesy of crateandbarrel.com

An indoor-safe fire for instant camping fun. Just don’t tell too many ghost stories!

Mini Camper Play House

 <ALT TEXT: A canvas playhouse in the shape of a retro camper with blue and cream coloring and bunting across the top.
Courtesy of maisonette.com

Road trip right at home in tyke sized this canvas camper.

Wooden Grille and serve BBQ Set

A playset of barbeque items including food items, utensils and a play grill.>
Courtesy of melissaanddoug.com

BBQ indoors with this wooden play set that even comes with vegetarian options. The cleverly designed food items appear “uncooked” on one side then perfectly grilled on the other. The whole set comes in a sturdy box that doubles as a play barbeque.

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