Looking to make your house cool in more ways than one? These modern ceiling fans will usher in the breezes and match perfectly well with your mid century modern rooms.

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modern ceiling fan in chrome with butterfly style blades

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…it’s a…it’s a butterfly ceiling fan! This nebula-esk ceiling fan is the unique piece that’ll complete any kitchen, parlor, or dining room! Composed of two interlacing wings, this meddling monarch will float gracefully overhead, cooling you off and looking absolutely stunning in the process. Butterfly Ceiling Fan, $589.

modern ceiling fan in black with 8 blades and squared edges

What has eight arms, weighs 20 pounds, and can “swim” around in circles? You guessed it: a Bankston 8-blade ceiling fan! Complete with an industrial bronze finish and vanaxial design, this purling propeller is a wonderful statement piece to accent the rest of your home. Bankston 8-Blade Ceiling Fan, $412.

modern ceiling fan with globe shaped fan blades

Glorious globes! This chrome-plated modern ceiling fan is glowing in all of its orb-shaped glory. Not to mention, its oval shaped blades and slender down rod prove that sci-fi is the new chic! Cirque Ceiling Fan, $524.

modern ceiling fan with walnut wood blades

Come on Irene! This sleek and efficient modern ceiling fan perfectly complements its surrounding decor. And while it might have a slight rustic character, it still retains a bold modernism that is all too alluring to pass up. Irene-3HLK.

modern ceiling fan in white with light birch wood blades


A material girl, in a material “whirl.” This minimalist ceiling fan captures classic modernism with its pronounced bulb axis and maple wood blades. So just like a prayer, this fan will definitely take you there! Ball Ceiling Fan, $364-484. 

modern ceiling fan with liquid-like chrome blades

Any fans of “heavy metal?” This ultra modern ceiling fan wouldn’t be complete without it’s liquid nickel finish, curved flow pattern, and the will to “chill!” So get to relaxing, and install this tubular turbine today! Liquid Nickel Ceiling Fan, $1,379.

modern ceiling fan with three blades

All good things come in threes. So you’ll be pleased to know that this three-bladed ceiling fan is available at the click of a button. Surrounding a dark bronze center, these mahogany vanes are the perfect outside coolant, and will definitely be the star of those humid autumn nights. Three-Bladed Outdoor Ceiling Fan, $364.

modern round rotor style ceiling fan.

Ground Control to Major Tom! This UFO-shaped ceiling fan looks like it met up with E.T. on the way down to Earth. But don’t underestimate our shining spaceship, because this piece offers three speeds and an illustrious gleam you won’t want to miss out on. Anillo Ceiling Fan, $588.

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