mid mod airbnbs for the holidays utah chalet
The perfect place to be snowed in.

The holiday season can be filled with wonderful family and friends, great meals and exciting gifts, but it might not exactly be relaxing. It’s time to change that.

We’ve looked all over Airbnb for the perfect holiday getaways that are bound to be full of cozy nights by the fire and relaxing mornings in bed. And, because we’re Atomic Ranch, they’re full of great Mid Mod style too. Bring your family, your S.O. or just yourself, and escape for a while with these Mid Mod Airbnbs for the holidays.

A Retro Vermont Cabin

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays with vintage fireplace
Check out the vintage Preway fireplace!

If you’re looking for a cozy cabin to spend to relax with family and friends in, then this home-away-from-home in Southern Vermont is the place to be. The cabin features mid century details, like vintage furniture and oversized windows. There are not one, but two (!) rain showers, along with unique stone flooring that’s interspersed throughout the home.

This retro Vermont cabin sleeps 7 and goes for $149 a night. Follow the cabin on Instagram at @vermontcabin.

The Cottonwood Chalet in Utah

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays utah chalet
Covered in snow, this chalet looks absolutely magical.

Ready for a West Coast winter wonderland? Head to this Utah chalet. Built in 1969, it was renovated and transformed into the dreamy modern getaway it is today. But don’t worry— with its Eames-inspired chairs, Smeg refrigerator and sleek white kitchen, it’s still got plenty of Mid Mod style.

The Cottonwood Chalet sleeps 4 and goes for $129 a night. Follow it on Instagram at @cottonwoodchalet.

Tiny Cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays in blue ridge mountains
We love the simple, rustic feel of this cabin.

Though this Virginia cabin is only a little over 300 square feet, it can easily fit a whole family. Nestled against a creek, this relaxing abode boasts a 3-person bunk room, a wood-burning stove and a kitchen with all the necessities. Outside, the cabin has a firepit and multiple hammocks and it’s only minutes away from the famed Blue Ridge Parkway.

This tiny cabin in Virginia goes for $120 a night and sleeps 7.

A Piece of Heaven in Iceland

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays in iceland
Get a glimpse of the Northern Lights at this special place.

Escape to a place far, far away while staying at this Icelandic retreat. Located in a remote part of west Iceland, this cabin easily combines classic Icelandic country style with some modern touches. It’s got a kitchen that looks to be straight out of IKEA and a picture window with enough views to go around. There’s even stove-top espresso!

“Piece of Heaven” goes for $200 a night and sleeps 4.

The Hygge Chalet and Sauna in Colorado

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays chalet in colorado
Spacious yet cozy, this chalet boasts 1400 square feet of livable space.

Located on 3.5 acres in the middle of the Rockies, this getaway is the ideal place to surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Hygge Chalet is inspired by Danish Mod design, as evident by its neutral grays, rustic feel, mid century furniture and of course, its name! The A-Frame was built in the ’70s and features luxurious amenities like memory foam beds, a gourmet coffee bar and (our favorite) a barrel steam sauna!

The Hygge Chalet and Sauna sleeps 4 and rents for $130 a night. Follow it on Instagram at @hyggechalet_co.

A Modern Cabin in Quebec

mid mod airbnbs for the holiday canada modern cabin
The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

This luxurious cabin in Quebec may have some mid century details (looking at you, post-and-beam construction) but it’s decked out in modern amenities. There are soaking tubs, a kitchen filled with high-end cooking tools and a sleek fireplace, among other things. The modern cabin also has access to numerous nearby rivers, parks and trails, and they even provide a canoe for you to use!

Rent this Quebec getaway for $159 a night. It sleeps 4.

A Cozy Chalet In The Catskills

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays in the catskills
Exposed wood, countless books and mismatched furniture give this chalet the perfect homey feel.

If you’re looking for a holiday getaway for multiple families, this tucked-away chalet is the perfect spot! Its style is the perfect combination of rustic eclectic Mid Mod so it feels lived-in and luxurious all at once. The home has a gourmet kitchen and a dining room that seats 8, so it’s ready for your fanciest holiday meal. Finally, this chalet features multiple soaking tubs and a private hot tub, so don’t forget your swimsuit!

This Catskills Chalet sleeps 7 and goes for $380 a night.

Herdade do Moinho Novo

mid mod airbnbs for the holidays in portugal
The light fixture and the chairs of this home give us all the Mid Mod butterflies.

If your idea of a holiday getaway involves neither cold weather, snow nor mountains, then hop across the Atlantic to this Portugal farmstay. The relaxing home is decorated with Space Age-inspired furniture, making you feel a bit like the Jetsons. The home looks out upon a lake and shared pool, and there’s a complimentary breakfast every morning. Best of all, if you want to get back to nature, you can help the owners with some (not-too-dirty) farm chores!

Herdade do Moinho Novo sleeps 4 and rents for $100 a night.

Now, time to book your flights and start booking one of these Mid Mod Airbnbs for the holidays!