Looking for a stylish way to add some modern spunk to your spaces? Well, look no further because we have the perfect way to capture just that!

Mid century credenzas are statement pieces of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. But while design trends have placed heavy emphasis on these pieces fairly recently, the credenza is far from new. Originating in 15th century Italy, this piece was originally intended for the preparation of food. And even though its uses have been expanded upon, the same attention to detail is still apparent.

Here are a few of our favorite credenzas that are sure to bring new dimensions to your mid century home!

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#1. Perfectly Paneled

Mid century credenzas with a paneled wood facade.

Like checkers…but not boring. Harrison Console Credenza, $252.

#2. Good Geometry

Mid century credenzas with a wooden facade and a brass inlay of branched lines.

Polygons, triangles and diamonds, oh my! You don’t need high school geometry to know that this credenza is beyond incredible! Wood and Metal Inlay Dustin Cabinet, $330.

#3. Simply Scandinavian

A Scandinavian-style credenza with a dark-wood facade and white cabinets.

A Viking’s best friend and yours too, this Scandinavian-style credenza is the mid century storage piece of your dreams! Modern Scandanavian Wood Sideboard, $183.

#4. The Shutter-Shade Shimmy

Mid century credenzas with a dark walnut finish and shutters on the left and right hand cabinets.

Unlike the sunglass design, this shutter-shade credenza will never go out of style! Modway Render Mid Century Credenza, $166.

#5.  Shape it Up

A mid century credenza with a multi-colored half circle design repeating over the facade.

Circle, circle, dot, dot. This credenza, we love a lot! Old Art Studio Geometric Credenza, $690.

#6. Waikiki Sunrise


Mid century credenzas complete with a repeating right cabinet that is colored white, yellow, orange, and red.


Aloha! This mid century credenza is absolutely glowing, boasting a vivid color scheme and unique cabinet layout. Definitely a way to bring paradise to your home! Color Theory Credenza, $1,387.

#7. Parabolas that Pop

A mid century credenza with a walnut finish and a parabola design scheme covering the left and right panels.

With this credenza, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a vintage walnut finish and a perfectly-executed geometric design. Truly a win-win in our book! Mid Century Modern Broyhill Brasilia Credenza, $2,200.

#8. Putting the “Soul” in Console


Mid century credenzas with a natural wood enclosure and white sliding cabinets.


Don’t be fooled! The design scheme may be minimalistic, but there’s a “hole” lot of “soul” in this console! Universal Expert Abacus Console, $480.

#9. Dark, Sleek, and Chic

A mid century modern credenza with a solid wood enclosure and black drawer layout.

Classic noir meets mid century modern in the cross-over event of the millennium! Definitely a statement piece that will add depth and intensity to your spaces. Black Mid Century Modern Credenza, $1,693.

#10. Hexagons Can Be Hip Too

A mid century modern credenza made of natural wood and a repeating hexagonal design on the front.

Add some shape to your mid century home with this credenza’s hexagonal facade. Not only is it masterfully crafted, but the perfect statement piece for any space. Alice Buffet Table, $1,089.


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