New Atomic Ranch Logo Evolution
From the atomic symbol of #1 to the ranch-style logo of #13 and on, the Atomic Ranch logo has a long history of being representative of the times. #51 continues that legacy with a fresh, bold look.

Did you notice something different? If not, take a second look at the covers above—Atomic Ranch has a new logo!

As you have seen by now, we aren’t abandoning Atomic Ranch’s roots and we aren’t going to change the magazine’s overall direction. Quite simply, Atomic Ranch has grown, and it needs a new logo to go along with its increased newsstand and online presence.

When the team first visited the idea of updating the logo, we struggled. The previous logo was amazing and the roofline is iconic. Then we looked back at the original version—the one that graced the cover of 12 issues. It was fun, quirky and brought bold doses of color to the cover. The logo that replaced it celebrated the architecture we all love by literally looking like a ranch home. For 38 issues, that new version brought a sleek touch of modern to the covers.

Now it’s time for a new logo. We scoured to find the perfect font—one that would hint at its predecessor but be bold enough to catch eyes on the newsstand. We played with the layout, the placement—and, yes, the roofline—until it all came together just right. As I look at Atomic Ranch’s third logo, I cannot help but feel that it pays homage to where the magazine has been, while also opening it up to the possibilities of the future. Truth be told, isn’t that very idea part of loving these midcentury marvels anyway? We treasure their history and restore them in ways that pay homage, yet also meet our more modern needs.

My team and I are investing wholeheartedly in Atomic Ranch. We believe in the future of the magazine—one that reaches a wide audience of enthusiasts and experts, engages with communities and events and, above all, celebrates the longstanding beauty of all things midcentury. Better paper, special issues, an incredible website, a social media presence and a new logo are all ways that we are seeking to reach more people with the one-of-a-kind wonder that is Atomic Ranch.

I am honored to be part of this journey and am sincerely grateful for all of our readers who are coming along for the ride.

Editor Sarah Jane Signature
Sarah Jane Stone