The decorative juniper bushes in the front yard contribute to the Asian-inspired style of this landscape, but they are also fairly easy to maintain. Photo by Jim Brown.

Knowing the tricks behind landscape design can turn into your front yard from “daunting project” to “pet project.” Make sure to consider Darren Manson’s tips for an easily maintained curbside landscape.

Keep It Minimal

With midcentury homes, you want their architecture to shine, so don’t hide them behind an array of bushes. For desert homes, stick to rock- or granite-based landscape for a nice, clean look.

In Palm Springs, front lawns don’t do very well. Instead, desert homeowners opt for interesting native plants, like cactus and wildflowers, that require infrequent watering. Photo by Bret Gum.

Know Your Flora

The trick to xeriscaping (landscaping that requires zero maintenance) is knowing what plants are indigenous to your area. For Palm Springs, barrel cactus, agave and palms thrive with little to no watering. If you want to know more about how to plan your plants around your climate, check out our guide.

In areas where lawns are easily kept up, simple topiary and shrubbery adornments are all you need for a nice impact. Photo by Bret Gum.

Plan It Out

Before putting anything in the ground, consider patterns and statements. A straight line of simple succulents makes a great frame around a complex architectural feature, while a plain wall could use a nice, large statement plant to make things pop.

Light It Up

For that extra zing, give your yard some life at night with well-placed lighting. From a spotlight on your star agave to simple lights that lead from the curb to the front door, a little glow here and there can make your house shine.