Greta Grossman Villa Sundin dining room
Clerestory windows add to the light and airy feel while wood paneling provides warmth and texture.

This marvel was designed by Greta Magnusson Grossman, a prominent Swedish furniture designer, who took her innovative approach with her to the Los Angeles architectural scene in the mid-20th century. As a furniture designer, Grossman was best-known for her simple and modern Grasshopper lamp. But in 1940 in the midst of World War II, Grossman relocated to Los Angeles, where, in addition to selling furniture, she began pursing a career in both architecture and interior design. She often built homes on top of problematic and small locations, emphasizing her ability to create unique structural solutions.

Over the course of her career, Grossman took on 15 building projects in California, most of which were located in Los Angeles, and one in Europe: Villa Sundin in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Recently, with Villa Sundin put on the market, we were able to take a glimpse inside.

Greta Grossman Villa Sundin open floor plan
With the open floor plan, mosaic tile floors and a hint of bright green color are well balanced with the wood partition walls and ceiling.
Greta Grossman Villa Sundin exterior
The Villa Sundin would be equally at home in Los Angeles with its ranch design and exterior in both wood panels and glass walls.
Greta Grossman Villa Sundin sitting area
Glass walls give the home a luminous and airy appeal. And catch a glimpse of Greta Grossman’s Grasshopper lamp in the corner!

Grossman designed Villa Sundin for Göran Sundin and his family, bringing a taste of California modernism to his home in Sweden. The luminous house boasts an open floor plan with glass walls dressed in sheer white curtains. Chandeliers hang throughout the house, while one of Grossman’s own Grasshopper lamps stands in the family room, giving the house ample lighting.

Greta Grossman Villa Sundin kitchen
In the kitchen, green cabinets with silver handles create a retro vibe.
Greta Grossman Villa Sundin living room
The fireplace is a classic midcentury piece, kept in great condition over the years. And it’s perfect for keeping the family warm all year long.
Greta Grossman home living room
Partition walls and retro furniture give the room a home-y, mid mod vibe.
 From top to bottom, the house’s mosaic tile floors, partition walls and wood ceilings bring life to the home. The house also features a midcentury fireplace, which has been well kept over the years.

The designer brings modern functionality to the kitchen with retro green cabinets and drawers among the white countertops and walls.

Greta Grossman Villa Sundin backyard
A small secluded patio creates the perfect space to enjoy the great outdoors.
Greta Grossman Villa Sundin exterior
The house faces the backyard, providing privacy despite the home’s glass walls.

The one-story house overlooks the grassy backyard, maintaining the house’s privacy and featuring a small covered seating area. Among the glass walls and dark wood panels, bright blue-paneled doors bring color to its exterior.