tile backsplash 1959 kitchen
Annette Vartanian’s remodeled kitchen in her and her husband’s 1959 uses tile to add visual interest. Photo by Bret Gum.

MCM tile and wallpaper, wherever you use it, can take a space from great to “wow!” It’s an opportunity to use texture, shape, color for dynamic effect.

Atomic Ranch Project House Austin designer Christine Turnkett describes that tile can function as “the bling” of home design. When used well, tile can be the crowning element that pulls a space together and makes it dynamic. Turnkett included tile on her moodboards for the Project House. A moodboard serves as inspiration for the color palette and stylistic vocabulary you’re aiming for. Scandinavian Modern influence combined with blues and greens inspired by the surrounding Texas Hill Country.

Like jewelry, tile can fetch a high price that can be worth it, but make sure it’s what you want before you shell out the cash. If you’re shopping online for tile, it’s worth the extra time to order samples. The variety of lighting and spectrum of how electronic screens display color means you really need to see the tile in person before you commit.

Turnkett’s Accent Wall Inspo for AR’s Project House Austin

Medium diamonds Eichler blend
Photo courtesy of Mercury Mosaics.

Medium Diamond – Eichler Blend from Mercury Mosaics. The geometric design already suggests three dimensions with the way the diamonds form cubes, and the smattering of colored tiles reinforces this effect and a sense of fun.


colorful tile Hygge and West
Photo courtesy of Hygge and West.

Slice in Blue from Hygge & West. This wallpaper pattern plays with interlocking circles and squares, which fits well with the MCM aesthetic. Gold accents and the interplay of light and dark blues also gives the impression of texture–you could easily mistake it at first glance for tile!

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