The concept of building a new Mid Century Modern home is no easy task. So, we’re relying on some MCM-inspired companies to help us complete this year’s Atomic Ranch Project House. Whether you’re currently building a new home or are just dreaming about it, here are the best mid mod products for a new build.

Eichler Siding

Best mid mod products for a new build: Eichler Siding samples in green, blue and red
Photo courtesy of Eichler Siding.

When you’re thinking about ways to incorporate mid mod products for a new build, you can start with materials for the structure. Eichler Siding makes grooved plywood siding in common Eichler patterns: Thinline and Wideline. They also have Planktex and interior siding available in multiple colors.

 Ply Gem

Modern-style backyard with Plygem windows and doors
Photo courtesy of Ply Gem.

Your windows provide more than just a view of the outside scenery. They need to protect your home from harsh weather and have long-lasting durability. Ply Gem offers different windows in a variety of materials to choose from, including vinyl, wood composite and aluminum. When choosing a window material, Ply Gem suggests looking at the energy efficiency, maintenance, durability, appearance and price of each material. They even have a line of geometric windows, if you’re hoping to get creative!

Escon Door

Fiberglass door from Escon door
Photo courtesy of Escon Door.

Your front door is the first impression guests will have of your home, so it needs to make a statement. Escon Door has a Fiberglass Mid Century Modern series with classic retro styles in several different wood finishes. Their glass is triple insulated and designed to withstand unforgiving weather conditions, so you’re not just getting the look you want, you’re getting the quality you need.


Mid Century modern wood door with with starburst doorknob
Photo courtesy of Woodgrain.

Woodgrain offers options for both interior and exterior doors in modern styles, plus wood mouldings and windows. Their exterior doors have nine wood species to choose from and 24 glass options, while their interior doors have thousands of style options. They are one of the largest millwork operations in the world, and they own their own forest and cut their own timber, giving you genuine handcrafted quality.

B&W Tile

Retro red tile and yellow flowers
Photo courtesy of B&W Tile.

When planning your kitchen backsplash and bathroom tiling, you need a retro look that will complement your mid mod décor. B&W Tile specializes in tile with vintage appeal. They have over 30 original retro colors available, as well as color matching technology. Their business was founded in 1949, and they still carry the same colors they manufactured 65 years ago!

Architectural Granite & Marble

MCM kitchen with black countertops and wood cabinets
Photo courtesy of MetroQuartz.

Architectural Granite & Marble distributes natural stone, engineered stone, tile and other such products for residential and commercial construction. You get the beauty of natural stone with the durability of an engineered stone. We’ll be using product from one of their brands, MetroQuartz, for our Project House. They have several color and design options that are low-maintenance and resistant to stains and scratches.

 Elmira Stove Works

Best mid mod products for a new build: yellow retro refrigerator and wood cabinets
Photo courtesy of Elmira Stove Works.

Don’t forget about your kitchen appliances! Elmira Stove Works began offering cookstove parts in the ‘70s, but it wasn’t until 2001 that they started their Northstar line of ‘50s-style refrigerators. They’ve since added ranges, hoods, backsplashes, microwaves and dishwashers to the collection. All 23 models are offered in retro colors: Candy Red, Robin’s Egg Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Mint Green, Tropical Blue, Black, Bisque and White.


best mid mod products for a new build: Kardiel bedroom furniture set
Photo courtesy of Kardiel.

When considering mid mod products for a new build, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is your furniture. Design influences from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s inspired Kardiel’s brand of contemporary modern and Scandinavian furniture designs. They produce Mid Century Modern-style chairs, sofas, beds, dressers, nightstands, tables, desks and more. To replicate these mid century styles, they study the original materials used and incorporate them whenever possible. Their goal is to bring history and meaning to their pieces.


Collection of mid mod hardware in brass, marble and wood
Photo courtesy of Emtek.

Details matter, and Emtek offers the best of sleek and classy hardware. Rather than blend in, Emtek likes their drawer pulls and door knobs to make a statement and pull together the theme of the room. Not only can you get door pulls, hinges and cabinet pulls, you can also find accessories such as locks, bolts, house numbers and doorbells.


Sputnik chandelier by YLighting
Photo courtesy of YLighting.

Lighting is fun to pick out because it acts as an accent piece in the room. You can go with a fun sputnik chandelier or keep it simple with a Nelson Saucer Bubble pendant. YLighting has some of the best mid mod products for a new build. They have everything from pendant lights and chandeliers to home décor and furniture. Their collections range from iconic Mid Century Modern design to contemporary styles, so there’s a lighting option for every preference.

Matthews Fan Company

Gray mid mod fan
Photo courtesy of Matthews Fan Company.

Ceiling fans have had a bad rep for being an eyesore, but not anymore! Do away with builder-grade ceiling fans and choose a fan that’s aesthetically pleasing. Matthews Fan Company has a selection of contemporary wall and ceiling fans that will help keep you cool and won’t detract from your style. Combine form with function for a fan you’ll actually love.

See these companies in action with our Project House reveals throughout the year. In the meantime, find out more about Mid Century Modern siding and about the Project House vision.

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