Modernist Den design tips
Architectural features give this space its midcentury charm, but the choice furnishings provide an era flair reminiscent of a mod lounge. Photo by Jim Brown.

Where in your home do you find yourself looking within? Is it a music room? A den or home office? Maybe it’s just your living room! Wherever this space is, injecting modernist flare encourages your creativity and reflection. Fun shapes and colors stimulate your mind and artistic side, yet still maintain the sophisticated look you love. Here are four pieces that will bring inspiration to your own modernist den, along with where you can find them.Lex Mod orange nutshell modernist lounge chair


Round Lounge Chair

A round lounge chair lets you relax in comfort and style. The bright color adds an energetic feel to a modernist den and the minimal hardware doesn’t distract from the soft, flowing lines created by the seat. Lex Mod offers several colors, but this orange works best for what we’re going for.



Textured Throw Pillow

Complement the color and smooth surface of the lounge chair with a shaggy pillow in a contrasting hue. Using a color wheel, find the color of your chair first. Next, note the color on the wheel directly across from and opposite to the chair color. Use this shade to guide your choice of pillow. Since the chair featured here is orange, the complementing color is blue. As for texture, stick to wool, faux fur or stringy yarn. Check out Amara for perfect accent pillows like this one.



Funky Pendant Light

Although an artful fixture may not serve as a primary light source, it dramatically increases the creative ambiance. The soft light emitted from this hanging fixture makes for a cozy, introspective feel and the space-age designs honors Modernist style. Hang this or something similar as an alternative to more common Sputnik light designs.


Mid century modern architectural design blueprint sketch from easy

Midcentury Modern Architectural Sketch

A framed original or reproduction print of MCM architectural sketches adds inspiration to walls. Bonus points if the sketch looks similar to your own home! Incorporating works of creativity into the room gives the space a think-tank feel, motivating you to contemplate your ideas. Etsy has original sketches for sale, and eBay is another great source.