Get the look of this Traditional Home Retro Diner dining area
Quaint and colorful, this diner-style breakfast nook brings midcentury simplicity to the modern day. Photo by Jim Brown.

Love the classic, instant nostalgia of a retro diner? Full of color, funky textures and fun collectibles, the sleek midcentury dining room is bound to be the most popular room in your pad. So, bring the fun home with a retro diner-inspired dining room or kitchen!

Add bright color and a sense of effervescent fun with a gumball machine and a collection of ball pitchers in an eye-catching array of colors. Both gumball machines and ball pitchers are great collector’s items, so keep your eyes open at flea markets, thrift stores or scour your options online on sites like eBay.

Vintage advertising showcases period design, too, and conjures up images of a retro diner. Meant for use and display in high-traffic areas like a diner, vintage advertising in the form of clocks, wall displays, even mirrors, are durable and showcase design from your favorite era.

Chrome chairs with vinyl upholstery will help take your dining room back half a century. Plus, they provide another opportunity for a splash of color. Scour vintage shops for a set or just settle for a sleek and brand-spanking-new reproduction.

Vintage fabric remnants are an easy way to also bring the charm of a bygone era. Use some as a valance or as curtains. Browse shops such as this one for your favorite vintage fabric pattern.

Once you’ve designed your pitch-perfect throwback diner, the hard part will be fighting the cravings for burgers, fries and milkshakes every day! Now, you just need some waitresses on roller skates and you’ll be good to go.