1960s Flight Attendant Pan Am Airways
The classic Pan Am stewardess outfit is an icon of the era. Source

Pan American Airways was the largest international air carrier at the middle of the last century. Known for its planes called “Clippers,” iconic uniforms, and top-of-the-line in-flight dining, Pan Am remains a cultural icon today. It defined a new era of luxury and sophistication as the world’s destinations were suddenly a comfortable flight away. In the sixties, the classic Pan Am bag was presented to first class passengers upon check-in. In the seventies, it was given to those who knew to ask for it. The bag, with its “Blue Meatball” logo, was seen in the hands of celebrities from the Beatles to JFK, and recalls the Jet Age’s spirit of possibility.

Pan Am may not flies the skies any longer, but their slick style lives on through their famous colors and logo, which you can flaunt with various bags and keychains from their website.