art deco bedroom
Courtesy of the Henrietta Hotel.

Bold shapes, bright colors and beautiful craftsmanship were just a few of the defining features of Art Deco style. Art Deco arrived in France after World War I, and it was a design movement that celebrated luxury, opulence and optimism for the future to come—it was truly a style for the Roaring Twenties. However, the global economic crisis of the ’30s and the global upheaval of the ’40s drastically subdued the exuberant tone of Art Deco. It molded itself into a more pared-back Streamline Moderne, which, along with Bauhaus, paved the way for Mid Century Modern style.

Though elements of Art Deco and Mid Century Modern are markedly different, both styles value beauty, shape and color. And if you’re looking for an on-trend and unique look for your home, why not combine them? Check out a few examples on how to do just that.

In The Living Room

art deco living room
Courtesy of Margaret B. vis Peerspace.

The fun colors of this studio immediately catch your eye, along with the rich textures. The side table against the wall has that classic Art Deco look, while long lines of the sofa scream Mid Mod. Get this dynamic look in your own living room by forgoing stuffy texture and only embracing the most luxurious ones. Use both lines and curves for a space that feels neither too cold nor overdone. Finally, keep decor simple to get that Minimalist Mid Mod feel.

In The Bedroom

art deco bedroom
Courtesy of the Henrietta Hotel.

Who else is dying for a stay in this unique hotel room? We know we are! The Art Deco headboard screams 1920s, while the subtle side tables provide utility and style. If you want to replicate this look in your own bedroom, make sure you pick a bedframe that does the heavy lifting style-wise. Use simple, neutral bedding that won’t distract the architectural elements of the other bedroom furniture, and make sure to bring in some brass or copper elements—lighting and hardware is an easy way to do this!

In The Bathroom

art deco bathroom
Courtesy of 2LG Studio.

This cheery bathroom fuses together Mid Mod elements like hairpin legs, terrazzo and linear tile alongside Art Deco touches like bold color, fun curves and unique flooring. By keeping the color palette relatively simple, the bathroom is able to use exciting color without it feeling overwhelming or loud. Get the look in your own bathroom by utilizing unique vanities, minimally adorned hardware and refreshing color.

In The Dining Room

art deco dining room
Courtesy of Swoonworthy.

The glam of this Art Deco-inspired dining room is dotted with Mid Mod elements, like the minimal and sleek silhouette of the dining room chairs and the marble accents. The chevron wood flooring gives the room a sense of history too, making the space feel dynamic and welcoming. Give your own dining room this feel by combining something decidedly Mid Century alongside something decidedly not. Use soft texture against sleek metals, and of course, don’t forget the velvet.

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