Basking in the Glow of An Orange Moon

Learn more about a Chicago vintage shop, and the couple who owns it, specializing in Mid Century Modern.
Lynne McDaniel An Orange Moon
Lynne McDaniel of An Orange Moon poses on a favorite sofa. Photo by Britography.

Lynne and Ty McDaniel opened An Orange Moon 11 years ago, but the story begins long before that. The Chicago vintage furniture store and design center with a special passion for Mid Century Modern is the product of Lynne’s DNA and Ty’s acumen.

Vintage wares, including two George Nelson chest of drawers on hairpin legs, await new homes at An Orange Moon. Photo by Ty McDaniel.

Prologue to An Orange Moon

Lynne elaborates, “My mum graduated from the famous Ray-Vogue School of Design, in the 60s. It was her DNA that led me into the vintage world. As a child, I still remember her Chanel suits. (I still have here favorite olive green Chanel suit), her Pucci dresses, her daytime cologne, Chanel No 5, which is now my signature cologne and the ability to spot a ‘fake’ antique piece of furniture or art, from across the room!

“When she was working on a project she would take me with her to magical downtown Chicago. The ‘Gold Coast’ to be exact. We’d travel up and down Michigan Ave, Wabash and State Streets. […]

An Orange Moon
The handsome Paul McCobb Planner Group Armchair has been reupholstered. Photo by Ty McDaniel.

“Design showrooms were different then. When we walked in, the staff knew my mom by name and catered to her. I can still recall the sound of a champagne bottle being uncorked and wondered why all the adults would laugh and politely applaud this feat. Next came the fabric samples. The rich Mohairs, Satins, Boucles and Maharams. Eventually we would slowly walk around the showroom examining vintage Scandinavian sideboards/buffets, Eames chairs and–my favorite even then–1960s Wormley sofas, and I’d watch in awe as my mom made her selections. (When customers shop An Orange Moon and they walk the floor and point out items they’d like to purchase, it always takes me back to that wonderful moment in time.)

“My dad graduated from Roosevelt University on Michigan Avenue and championed a life of hotel Real Estate on the southside of Chicago. (I still have one of his Michigan Ave bank ledgers) from the 60s. My father was, simply put, ahead of his time. He purchased properties all my childhood, rehabbed them himself. […]

“I credit my dad with my innate ability to understand the world of work. For example, when I would spend my entire allowance and ask him for money, he’d direct me over to the Bronzeville warehouse and suggest I find a piece of stained glass or pottery or sculpture and take it and sell it to one of the many Antique Dealers in Chicago.”

An Orange Moon
Additional Paul McCobb Planner Group armchairs, freshly reupholstered, have birch legs and a sleek profile. Photo by Ty McDaniel.

As to what got Ty interested in Mid Century Modern design, Lynne describes, “Ty is a self made man, and deserves all credit for steering the MCM ship to An Orange Moon. Ty has a background in Psychology, (also a Roosevelt University man). 28 years in the Mental Health industry but always had a love for architecture and design. One day when we were newlyweds, while out antiquing, Ty spotted 8 Jens Risom chairs.” And listening to Ty explaining the structure of those Risom chairs solidified Lynne’s passion for Mid Century Modern.

More Stories

After An Orange Moon opened its doors in 2009, word got out about their quality collection of Mid Century Modern furnishings. They are careful that their furniture is not only quality design but in good condition. They reupholster the furniture, one of Ty’s specialties.

What’s more, An Orange Moon has furnished several TV and film sets. Lynne recalls, “One of my favs–a woman came into the shop on a busy Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t able to give her my undivided attention as we were slammed! I saw her admiring our seating behind our check out counter and she asked if she could rent. I replied, its the only seating we have so unfortunately no. She thanked me politely and left. I thought nothing of it. A few moments later a girlfriend texted me and stated, RENT those barstools! That was the Set Decorator for a film starring Viola Davis, Liam Neeson and Colin Farrow. Yes, you guessed it. ‘Widows.’ Done!”

Mostly, though, Lynne says what she loves about her work is getting to meet people and helping them to make their homes special. Even if you don’t live in Chicago, hop on over to to see what it’s in stock and what they’re up to.

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