When it comes to era materials, we think it’s fair to say that you either love terrazzo or you can’t stand it. But regardless where you stand on the issue, it is universally acknowledged that a little bit goes a long way. The great thing about this funky man-made composite material is that it comes in wide range of colors, styles, and densities. Terrazzo’s time in the sun has returned, with many companies and craftsmen on Etsy churning out every type of product in the style of the speckled concrete, from coasters to duvet covers. And we have hand picked the 15 best pieces to get that touch of the T in your own Mid Century Modern abode.

Terrazzo-Inspired Home-Décor Essentials

(Atomic Ranch curates the best of Mid Century Modern Design to share with our readers. Some of the products you’ll see featured in this story are affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, AR will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

terrazzo coasters
Courtesy of R&L Design Studio

Jesmonite – Terrazzo Coasters, set of 4, $68.69

Now, that’s what we call form meets function. These colorful coasters add that funky terrazzo pop while keeping your mid mod coffee tables water-ring free.


grey terrazzo plant pot
Courtesy of PeachnPebble

Terrazzo Plant Pots, $45

Nothing saying “midcentury” than the perfect pot for your minimalist plants. And with a little touch of that speckled concrete look, we’re in love with this simple design.


terrazzo pattern vinyl mat
Courtesy of BottaStudio

Vinyl Floor Mat in Terrazzo, $27-$49

Sometimes, you’re not blessed with original terrazzo tiles or linoleum. And that’s when you get a classy vinyl floor mat for your kitchen or entryway that looks the part.


terrazzo inspired lampshade
Courtesy of Markless Design

Terrazzo Lampshade in Blue, $61.64

We know you have a love affair with lampshades. Drum up some attention (get it?) with this terrazzo-style shade.


terrazzo inspired trivet or spoon rest
Courtesy of The Art Decko

Clay Terrazzo Trivet, $16.83

The devil is in the details, and terrazzo is all about detail. Give your kitchen a splash of the speckled stuff in the form of a colorful trivet.


terrazzo bed duvet cover
Courtesy of Color Cookie

Duvet Cover with Terrazzo Print, $147.20+

Who says that concrete can’t be soft? Well, even if the material isn’t, the look is a cozy way to dress up your duvet.


terrazzo plates in jesmonite
Courtesy of Frauklarer

Set of Two Terrazzo Plates in Jesmonite, $$34.15

Serve up something tasty on a dish that will steal the show. If the pink terrazzo material doesn’t get you, the angular modern shape will.


terrazzo monthly desk calendar
Courtesy of Favorite Story

2019 Desk Calendar in Terrazzo, $14-$18

A terrazzo style for every season? You bet.


terrazzo style lumbar accent pillow
Courtesy of Blaucel Store

Premium Terrazzo Green Pillow, $27-$30

Maybe you just need a little sprinkling of color on a side chair or sofa. Good thing there are terrazzo-style pillows for that.


terrazzo style mugs
Courtesy of Maevo Studio

Handmade Terrazzo Ceramic Mug, $29.44

Sip your morning coffee or your evening tea with just the slightest suggestion of the speckled stuff. It’ll improve your mood, we promise.


terrazzo tile sticker decals
Courtesy of BOUBOUKI Shop

Tile Decals in Terrazzo, Set of 4, $7-$28

Get that classic Mid-Century Modern tiled look at a fraction of the cost. The best part of these tile decals? If you get tired of them, renovating is as easy as removing them and trying a new design.


terrazzo inspired retro ashtray
Courtesy of Nightshift Ceramics

Blue Modern Ceramic Ashtray, $30

Sure, we know smoking is passé, but know how you feel about Mid Mod ashtrays. Add a new piece to freshen up your collection.


terrazzo print pendant light shade

Blush Terrazzo Effect Drum Lampshade Pendant, $68-$109

Picture the eclectic pop of terrazzo above your kitchen island or dining table. It’s just the perfect amount, right?


imitation terrazzo ring cone
Courtesy of OGmanufactory

Modern Ring Cone, Imitation Terrazzo, $18.90

It’s art. It’s functional. It’s (visually) terrazzo. And if you’re really honest with yourself, doesn’t your vanity need a little excitement?


terrazzo printed dog bowls
Courtesy of ShouldWeGo

Terrazzo Print Ceramic Dog Bowl, $26

Of course we have a pet product—we’re Atomic Ranch! And if your pooch isn’t eating dinner from a terrazzo-style dog bowl, we’re not doing our jobs.