­­­­1. Case Study Houses, $58.90

If you’re fascinated by Case Study Houses and the program that made a huge impact on American architecture, then this book is for you. This hardcover book delves into all 36 Case Study homes and holds pages of architectural inspiration.

2. Frank Lloyd Wright: An Autobiography, $39.00

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the fathers of modern design and what better way to learn about him and his mind than to read the words he wrote himself. Although it’s been over 70 years since its initial publication, this autobiography still holds a bit of humor and a lot of interesting stories.

3. Eva Zeisel: Life, Design, and Beauty, $50.00

eva zeisel book


Eva Zeisel was known for breaking the rules of ceramic design and she truly made a household name for herself. Not only does this book account for every ceramics line she has created, it is also the first completed biography of her life and work.

4. Mid-Century Modern Women in the Visual Arts, $73.94

Quirky illustrations and quotes from incredible women bring midcentury female empowerment to light. This picture book is a perfect addition to your library and an even better gift for your favorite midcentury woman.

5. The Catcher in the Rye, $9.94

Every library needs a few classics. The Catcher in the Rye is a celebrated American novel that is set in the 1950s. Take a walk with Holden Caulfield and get a taste of life in the 50s with a side of teenage angst.

6. Vintage Issues of Family Circle

Vintage magazines are unique collectors items and are great decor pieces. You can lay them out on your coffee table, stack them on your bookshelf, or even frame them!

7. The Essential Bar Book, $13.47

Bring a little retro flair to your hosting duties with this modern bar book. This book contains 115 drink recipes for the cocktail lovers and the wine aficionados. Its cover is even cute enough to display on your brass bar cart.

8. Session Cocktails, $11.99

Follow up your bar book with a few drinks from the session cocktail book. If you’re a fan of low-alcohol drinks or you’re throwing a business soiree, this is the perfect book for just a little splash of alcohol.

9. Eames: Beautiful Details, $50.95

This beautiful Eames coffee table book gives the room a subtle pop of color and contrasts beautifully against dark wood! But, this book isn’t just pretty on the outside, it also dives into the relationship between Charles and Ray Eames and how their passion for their work created such iconic design.

10. Doors of Palm Springs, $20.00

We all have a love for the desert and its modern charm. Much of this charm comes from the Springs’ famous doors. Whether it’s The Pink Door or a simple hole in the wall, each comes with a story and inspires a new tourist destination.

11. Desert Modernists, $50.00

Keep the desert vibe going with this “bible of Desert Modern design”. This book covers 12 of the desert’s most influential architects and how they built Palm Springs to be what it is today.

12. Advertising From the Mad Men Era, $28.31

If you’re a Mad Men fan, then this book is definitely for you. While this book covers a lot of advertising history, it also gives background on iconic products and brands from the 50s that sparked the fire in the advertising industry.

13. Midcentury Modern: 100 Post Cards of Iconic Design, $18.43

Not all mid century modern books have to be a dense read. Give your eyes a rest from reading and browse through a few of these midcentury postcards. Flip through images of modern products, designs, and architecture for a little inspo. Did we mention this also makes for a great gift?

14. Coloring Book, $14.13

15. Mid-century Modern Patterns: Coloring Book, $11.69

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and they’re wonderful for relieving stress! Whip out your colored pencils, put your favorite record on, and sit down with these 2 lively coloring books. Choose from treasure hunts and household items to popular midcentury patterns!

16. Eichler: Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream, $50.34

Read through the legacy of Joseph Eichler and all he did to make the American Dream possible in California. From employing revolutionary architects to creating home innovations that would last for decades, Eichler made his name known from California to across the globe.

17. Selwyn Pullan: Photographing Mid-Century West Coast Modernism, $90.00

We love a good before and after picture and this book is full of them! Selwyn Pullman shows side by side how life and architecture thrived in the 50s and how it looks now. If you’re itching to find a midcentury fixer upper, this is just the book for you!

18. They Drew As They Pleased : The Hidden Art of Disney’s Mid-Century Era, $30.59

We’ve seen how midcentury style has made its way into the Disney world, most recently in The Incredibles. But, how did the styles of classic stories, like Cinderella and Peter Pan, come about? This book is a fun one for the mid century modern books collector and details the lives and the inspirations of the artists that made these films into some of the most known movies in history.

19. Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails, $20.97

What’s a tropical cocktail without a little tiki flair? This tiki bar book has a sleek design and has an elegant take on the classic tiki party.

20. Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Culture in North America, $22.00

If you’re a little tiki obsessed (like we are), it might be time to take a tiki road trip! Read through pages of tiki restaurant and bar reviews across the continent. Even try a few of the drink recipes!

21. Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA, $23.74

No collection of mid century modern books is complete without a travel tome. While you’re on your tiki road trip, check out a few of these midcentury destinations! Find hidden gems along the way and finally cross that famous tourist spot off your bucket list.

22. Architecture’s Odd Couple: Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson, $19.45

Frank Llyod Wright and Phillip Johnson paved the way for modern architects everywhere. See how their sparky charisma and passion for design created the world’s most celebrated buildings.

23. 100 Midcentury Chairs: and their stories, $18.69

Cap your collection of  mid century modern books off with this one detailing some of the era’s most iconic chairs. Every piece of furniture has a story to tell and these chairs have 100! See what life these chairs lived in this interesting take on midcentury furniture.


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