It’s important to feel as good on the inside as you do on the out! So, give your home that extra boost of mod curb appeal with these iconic exterior upgrades.

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#1. Your Biggest Fan (Literally)

A wooden exterior fan for the most awesome curb appeal.

Those hot summer days are right around the corner, and what better way to cool off than with the sleekest MCM fan out there? Slipstream Outdoor Ceiling Fan, $560.


#2. Shine Bright, Shine Far

A butterscotch-colored sconce for awesome curb appeal.

Take your front yard to the next level with a sconce that rocks! Not only is it slim and chic, but with a butterscotch finish, it truly shines brighter than the rest. Allegheny Sconce, $329.


#3. Bite the Bullet

A white bullet planter with a small tree extending out of it.

Mod curb appeal must have: Both an MCM staple and a spectacular statement piece, your plants will feel right at home in this classic bullet planter. The Patio Pod, $350 to $400.


#4. Think Outside the Box

White plant pot in a modern wooden stand.

Nothing says “welcome” like fresh greenery. You won’t “be-leaf” how much it adds to an outdoor space! Cylinder Planter + Stand, $199.


#5. Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!

MCM mailbox with a metal frame and wooden door for awesome curb appeal.

This contemporary mailbox blends metal and wood finishes into the most succinct package. Employ this mid mod curb appeal staple and you’ll look forward to “mail time” every day!  Waldo Modern Mailbox, $464.


#6. Keep It Cool

Yellow mid century cooler with a shiny metal finish.

Chill your picnic fare in style, with a mid century cooler that is both sun-soaked and stunning. Reminiscent of a 1970s camping trip, it carries a nostalgic charm, bringing a classic look to your front door!  Embossed picnic cooler, $73.


#7. A Seat That Is Beyond Chic

Metal blue chairs melded into a loveseat.

Light blue and tube-framed, this metal love seat would be the most intriguing addition, perfect for that porch hangout! Bellaire Loveseat, $179.


#8. Ding, Dong Door Kit

A home's red door with a triptych window and starburst door handle.

Foof up your facade with a door that is guaranteed to turn heads. With its triptych window scheme and red pigment, this will door will never be a snore! The Elaine Door Kit, $425 to $530.


#9. A Fresh Take on Seating

Showcasing a glass table and structured cushions, this mid mod upgrade will have you relaxing in style! Curbed Outdoor Vive 3-pc Set, $584.


#10. Bye, Bye, Birdie

An MCM birdhouse with an orange door and mosaic wall for awesome curb appeal.

Give your feathery friends the mid mod masterpiece! Complete with a mosaic wall and atomic orange door, you’ll have their beaks flying back for more with this MCM birdhouse. Sunnyvale Birdhouse, $330.


Ready to take your front yard to the next level? Straight from the experts, learn how you can create the most alluring curb appeal right here!

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