First comes love, then comes marriage. Next comes a wedding registry full of your favorite mid century modern must-haves. This March, we’re curating some of our favorite items that will help the happy couple build a life together.

Last time, we curated some of our favorite kitchen and dining favorites for your registry. Now, we’re turning to your master suite, bringing you our picks for the best MCM bed and bath essentials. We’ve rounded up everything from funky duvet covers to plush towels—yes, even a hamper. It’s all covered below, and we are sure your guests will be happy to help you outfit your bedroom with your new favorite items.

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#1. Throw Blanket Bliss

Bed and bath blue woven blanket.

Throw blankets are the perfect addition to your new Mid Century bedroom. And this one is cozy with a totally mod touch. Bourina Textured Throw Blanket, $25.


#2. Dazzling in Diamonds

Fleece blanket with yellow diamond design.

A cheery pop of yellow and stylish geometrics will add a flash of cheeriness to even the most minimalist of bedrooms. Geometric Diamonds Throw Blanket, $58.


#3. All Cubed up and Nowhere to Go

Bed and bath multicolored cube design area rug.

It’s always the last thing we think about but area rugs can seriously make a space. And if you want to make it bright and flashy, well, this one ought to do the trick. Takisha Triangle Area Rug, $103.


#4. Golly Gee! More Geometry!

Area rug with multicolored triangle geometric desgin.

Hoping for something a little more neutral? Get some geometrics in grey, blue, and gold, and let it create the perfect base for the rest of your stylish MCM décor. Abstract Geometric Area Rug, $68.


#5. Happiness Through Hampers

Nobody thinks about hampers until you realize you have no place to put your dirty clothes. With this stylish and unobtrusive choice, you can continue to not think about hampers. Bamboo and Canvas Hamper, $46.


#6. Picture Perfect

Three solid wood picture frames.

You are paying a lot for that wedding photography—wouldn’t it be nice to have clean and mod frames to display them on your mid century dresser? Solid Wood Picture Frames, $5.


#7. Ostentatiously Orange

Lamp with triple gourd body and orange hue.

Make an MCM statement with the champ of all lamps! From the bubbled body to its striking orange hue, this light is guaranteed to spiff up your spaces. Triple Gourd Table Lamp, $301.


#8. Bold in Brass

Bed and bath matte brass desk lamp.

Classic lines, classic material. Can’t you just see two of these framing your bed, matching seamlessly with the teak accents of your bed frame and bedside tables? Matte Brass Desk Lamp, $50.


#9. Amp up Your Lamp

Bed and bath double head black lamp.


Remember when we said that thing about MCM lamps really hitting the mark? This beauty just continues to prove our point. 2-Light Desk Lamp, $110.


#10. Holy “Sheet”

Grey half-moon patterned bed sheets.

Nothing is a more classic registry item than a set of sheets. If you’re looking for a clean, neutral pattern, this soft grey pattern will do the trick. Half-Moon Sateen Cotton Sheet Set, $90.


#11. A Vision In Red

Bed and bath red sheets with geometric design.

The mid century was all about bold designs, and there’s no reason that should stop at your linens. These retro scarlet sheets are what (sweet) dreams are made of. Brushed Percale Cotton Sheets, $91.


#12. Right to the Point

Gray chevron duvet cover.

Go down the right path with this arrow-pattern duvet. From its zig-zag design to the soothing gray undertones, this is the perfect choice for all you mid century minimalists out there! Chevron Duvet Cover, $50.

#13. Terrific in Terrazzo

Terrazzo bed sheets.

In case you haven’t heard, terrazzo is back in a big way. Bring a bit of the mid century’s favorite composite material into your master. Marble Terrazzo Comforter, $48.


#14. Polygon Paradise

Gray geometric polygon duvet cover.

Duvet covers are the perfect way to really make a statement! So, it’s time to get geometric and put your high school math to work for something truly unique. Geometric Polygon Duvet Cover, $30.


#15. Simply “Mint” To Be

Spearmint bed and bath towels with a minimal repeating geometric design.

Forget monograms—nothing makes a bathroom truly wonderful than an incredible set of towels. And this green-patterned set will have you thinking you have an original teal bathroom. Spearmint Jacquard Bath Towels, $58.


#16. Goodness “Gray-cious”

Gray bed and bath Turkish towel with alternating diamond pattern.

You can never have too many towels, and you’re going to want these patterned Turkish towels in your linen closet. Your wedding guests should be thrilled to buy them for you—they will be using them when they come over to visit, won’t they?Gray Turkish Towels 6-Piece Cotton Bath Towel, $38.


#16. Utterly “Bamboo-zled”

Bamboo bath mat.

It might not seem like much, but a good bathmat is an essential part of your shower routine. We think this bamboo version is a bit different and can really give that minimalist bathroom that MCM wood accent it needs. Bamboo Bath Mat, $34.


#17. Stellar Starbursts

Bed and bath starburst mat with gray, orange, and silver geometric designs.

On the other end of the bathmat spectrum, there is this simple yet endearingly mod design. Who doesn’t need more starbursts and diamonds in their life? Custom Non-Slip Rubber Rug, $22.


#18. Vanity Insanity

Black geometric vanity bathroom set with soap dish, soap pump, cup, and toothbrush holder.

You don’t need to get too crazy when it comes to a nice vanity set. We think this black geometric set is all the statement you need when you’re getting ready for work. 4-Piece Geometric Black Bathroom Set, $33.


#19. Drops That Don’t Stop

Multicolored drop pattern shower curtain.

The perfect shower curtain can go a long way to liven up a plain bathroom, and there’s just something about this retro drop pattern that makes drip-drying all the more delightful. Mid Century Drop Shower Curtain, $24.


#20. Ride the Wave

Gold and grey wave pattern shower curtain.

Something a little calmer and soothing up your alley? The yellow and gray waves of this pattern will make morning the best time of the day. Gold and Gray Geo Shower Curtain, $55.


#21. Loopy for Lava

Bed and bath lava vase with abstract geometric design.

Bedside table or bathroom counter, this lava vase is exploding with modern charm and is the perfect fit for any home! Lava Vase, $118.


#22. Sconce-worthy Splendor

Gold sconce with starburst embellishments.

Adorn your walls with a sconce that is simply out of this world. With its dual-light system and starburst embellishment, this lighting fixture is guaranteed to bring the most gorgeous glow to your spaces! Modern Starburst Wall Sconce, $117.


#23. So Stylish, You Can’t “Stand” It

Bedside nightstand with white drawer.

Bring your bedside to the next level with a nightstand that truly changes the game. From its classic silhouette to the cream-colored drawer we are absolutely in love with all this piece has to offer! Walnut Table Nightstand, $63.


#24. Wall Clock Wonder

A clock with golden watch face and decorative beams protruding outwards.

Sporting an urchin-like gold design, this wall clock is beyond captivating, bringing the glamour and glitz to mid century style! Gold Urchin Wall Clock, $89.


#25. Your Throne Awaits

Bed and bath yellow armchair.

Lounge in style with an armchair that was built to amaze. Yellow Divano Armchair, $219.


#26. I’m A Big Fan

Black mid century fan with curving blades.

It’s as simple as that: a big fan with the sleekest blade design, blending industrial with the avant-garde. Wave Ceiling Fan, $240.


#27. A Climb Worth Your Dime

Bed and bath ladder with clothes draped over the rungs.

Give your towels the tower they deserve with this black and walnut ladder! Umbra Hub Ladder, $80.

#28. Booked and Beautiful

Tall wooden mid century bookshelf.

Calling all you mid century bookworms! From its walnut finish to the elongated cabinet scheme this bookshelf will give your home that retro verve that we all know and love. Mid Century Modern Book Organizer, $134.


#29. Woo-ed by Blue

Mid century blue bookshelf.

Showcasing an eye-catching color scheme and the most terrific tapered legs, this shelf melds modern with antique, creating a piece that truly exceeds expectations! Antique Blue Bookshelf, $190.

#30. Plant-Powered Perfection

Plant stand with minimalist metal stand and white planter.

Boasting a refined display rack and stark white planter, this piece will definitely boost your MCM space from “can’t” to “plant”! Mid Century Plant Holder, $86.


Now that your bedroom is all ship-shape, it’s time to bring that MCM zeal to the rest of your home! Click here for our favorite living room and entertaining picks!

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