First comes love, then comes marriage. Next comes a wedding registry full of your favorite Mid Century Modern-style must-haves. This March, we’re curating some of our favorite items that will help the happy couple build a life together.

We’ve given you the master list of kitchen and dining essentials. And you know what sorts of things you can use to outfit your new bedroom and bathroom. So the next, most logical topic to cover is the rest of your home. More specifically, we have collected the best of the best for your living room, including everything from planters and lamps for your alone time, to trays and bar essentials for the moments when guests are around. Without further ado, here are our picks for the living and entertaining registry section.

(We enjoy curating finds we think you’ll love. As part of several affiliate programs with partners like Etsy and Amazon, Atomic Ranch earns from qualifying purchases– but this is at no extra cost you!)

#1. Pristinely Planted

A planter with a white pot and wood holder.

Plan ahead for some new additions to your family—potted plants. And this classic Mid Century design is the perfect place to start. Mkono Mid Century Wood Plant Stand, $22.


#2. Make Space For This Vase


A red mid century vase with a wavy design scheme.

Trust us on this one: You want a vase that looks as good and purposeful empty as it does full of flowers. And this one fits the bill. TIC Collection Manifest Vase, $45.


#3. The Beak and The Beautiful

A living room and entertaining black bird sculpture

Why not use your wedding as an opportunity to snag some pieces you’ve always wanted in your collection, like this iconic bird piece styled after the Eames original? Mid Century Bird Sculpture, $30.


#4. Framed and Fabulous

Four living room and entertaining wooden frames.

You’re going to want to show off those wedding photos. So why not do it in a frame that doesn’t compete with the images or the décor around it? Tempered Glass Wooden Picture Frames, $33.


#5. Through the Wire

Living room and entertaining art work of birds on a telephone wire.

Celebrate your love with something truly special to every Modernist: A Charley Harper original on your wall. And if the image doesn’t get you, the name of the print absolutely will. “Good Lovin’ and Turtle Dovin” Lithograph, $75.


#6. From Sun Up to Sun Down

A sun-shaped mid century clock with wooden beams protruding outward.

Every house needs a clock. But your house needs one that fits its particular brand of style. Thank goodness the modernists left us their analog clock designs. Satellite Wall Clock, Walnut, $80.


#7. Let There Be Light

vintage style two-tier lamp with turquoise and white with silver starburst design


Lamps should lighten brighten a room– literally and figuratively! This one will definitely do the trick. Vintage Mid Century Style Fiberglass Lamp Shade Modern Atomic Stars Seafoam, $90.

#8. Mobile Madness

Living room and entertainment multi-colored triangle mobile.

Not all art needs a function except to be beautiful and interesting. And this colorful mobile is sure to add a bit of conversation to your normal living room banter. Spectrum Modern Mobile, $140.


#9. Rack ‘Em and Stack ‘Em

Metal magazine rack with a slanted L-shaped silhouette.

No living room would be complete without a place for all those copies of Atomic Ranch, right? The curves and silhouette of this modern magazine rack hits all the right notes. Modern Magazine Rack, $20.


#10. A “Wow-Worthy” Wood Table

Living room and entertaining wood table with three legs.

We’re loving the Noguchi vibes we get from the silhouette of this solid rubberwood table. And we think your living room will agree. Blaze Wood Coffee Table, $200.


#11. Hooray For These Nesting Trays

Multi-colored geometric nesting tables.

Whether they’re for serving or storing, trays are two parts functional and one part fabulous. And the modular aspect of this geometric set means the options for use and décor are endless. Geometric Nesting Trays and Serving Platters, $10.


#12. It’s 5 ‘o Clock Somewhere

retro style all-metal bar cart

If you’re a true modernist, you know that the key to great entertaining is a great bar cart. Well, we think you and your barware will enjoy this one… Urban modern bronze bar cart, $540. 

#13. Mix It Up!

Metal bar elements in a wooden stand.

…unless you don’t have a barware set, in which case, we think this modern shaker set will be a good thing to add to your collection. Mixology Bartender Kit, $76.


#14. From Coast to Coaster

Living room and entertaining coasters with various mid century designs.

You know that amazing coffee table you just added to your registry? It would be a shame if anything bad were to happen to it. So add these coasters to your registry and never worry about water rings again. Retro Modern Absorbent Coasters, $20.


#15. A Perch For Your Pooch

Blue pet bed with wooden legs.

If you’re an Atomic Ranch fan, you’re likely a pet fan as well. So don’t forget to add something on your registry for your little furry friend, like this ridiculously stylish MCM pet bed. Studio Dorel mid century acacia dog bed, $101. 


#16. Luminously Lavish

Mid century modern lamp with white shade and brass curving body.

Get a mid century modern living room straight out of old Hollywood with something as simple as an arc lamp. Instant impact, guaranteed. Arc Floor Lamp With Marble Base, $150.


#17. Dinner and a Show

Living and entertaining wood television tray.

The ’50s and ’60s were the era of microwave dinners in front of the TV. And with how much good stuff is on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more these days, we think the TV tray is going to make a comeback in a big way. Sofa Table TV Tray, Walnut, $80.


#18. For the Record…

Record player with side wood detailing.

If you’ve got a vinyl collection brewing, you need to get this totally retro Crosley record player to round out your living room slash lounge. Crosley Otto Belt-Drive Turntable With Bluetooth, $160.


#19. Pillows that POP!

Living room and entertaining yellow pillow with interlinking geometric design.

Can you have too many throw pillows? If so, we haven’t found our limit yet. You definitely need something for the seasons, and this will bring that summertime glow to any ranch. Modern Geometric Accent Pillow, $12.


#20. Warm Me Up

orange and cream geometric throw blanket with dark grey trim

A house is not a home without a cozy throw.  Geomteric throw blanket, $92


#21. Modern Wit and Candle-Lit

Mid century candle holders with wood, gold, and solid white components.

Set the mid-mod mood with this gorgeous pair of candleholders! Not only are they interchangeable, but will definitely light the way to the perfect mid century living room. Wood Mix Candle Holders, $20.


#22. Bookworms Welcome!

Window-lattice bookends.

Channel your inner scholar with these intricate bookends. From their window-lattice design to metal framework, your living room is guaranteed to be the sharpest of spaces! Geometric Bookends, $20.


#23. A Wall Hook For Your Nook

Living room and entertaining triangle wooden wall hangers.

From your fanny-pack to a pool noodle, storage possibilities are endless with these simply stunning wall hooks. Minimalist Wall Hooks, $17.


#24. “Rave-About-It” Rug

Mid century area rug with swirling multi-colored P-design.

Don’t “walk all over” this design! Here’s a rug that truly exceeds expectations, sporting an illustrious pattern and captivating color scheme! Turnstyle Shag Area Rug, $220.


#25. The Fairest of Them All

Mid century circle mirror with wood frame.

A mirror that “reflects” mid-mod style all while retaining a minimalist charm? Say no more! Modern Wood Wall Mirror, $98.


#26. Bright and Bubbly

White bubble lamp.

Return to your MCM roots with a mid-mod staple that shines above all others! Herman Miller Bubble Light, $415.


#27. A Stool That Rules

Blue ottoman with brass wire legs.

You’ll never be “blue” with an ottoman this outstanding. From its velvet upholstery to the golden legs below, it is truly the most complete seat! Round Velvet Ottoman, $60.


#28. Blanket Statement

Blanket with blue geometric designs and tassles.

Adorn your couch with the coziest MCM statement piece out there! Geometric Throw Blanket, $39.


#29. Eames Expertise

Eames table book.

Treat your guests to a terrific table book. Detailing the iconic Eames couple and their designs, your MCM know-how has never looked better! Eames Table Book, $15.


#30. Swoop Your Coop

Living room and entertaining orange swoop bowl.

Add some curves to your living room, with a bowl that is sun-soaked and bursting with personality! Mid Century Swoop Bowl, $273.


The registry never rests! Here are our top kitchen and dining picks to add to your shopping cart!

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