What do you get when you mix the ocean’s surface and the night sky? That’s right: A pigment so momentous it’s subconsciously ingrained into the folds of your brain.

Like with most aspects of our daily lives, color plays a vital role in what appeals to us visually and mentally. From our surroundings to the movies, music, and art people are buzzing about, these hues influence how we perceive the world and express ourselves.

A group that has taken specifically to this concept, would be the global color authority, Pantone. Every year, Pantone crowns a “color of the year”, which is meant to symbolize the surrounding social, political, and cultural phenomena of the time. And this year, Pantone has named “Classic Blue” as the color of 2020.

Pantone's announcement for the color of the year in classic blue.
Photo Courtesy of CNN.

While the selection of this shade partly represents the “feelings of instability gripping the world today,” (CNN, 2019) it is also reminiscent of design styles of the past. Specifically for mid century modern, this color has played a predominant role in popular MCM architecture and decor over the years. Like the exterior of the iconic Eames House or even the Herman Miller fiberglass chairs, there are many elements of this era that have drawn upon “classic blue”.

The Eames House and Herman Miller blue fiberglass chair.
The Eames House (Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Times) and an Herman Miller Fiberglass Chair (Photo Courtesy of Office Designs).

So, to harken in the decade, what can you do to adorn your mid century dwelling with the color of the year? Well, we have just the answer. Here are a few products that are sure to bring some “classic blue” expertise to your halls!

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#1. Perfectly “Pillow-ed” and Ready to Party!

A geometric-faced pillow case in the color of the year, classic blue.These geometric throw pillow covers are guaranteed to bring a splash of classic blue to any home. Not to mention, their sharp design scheme and array of complementary hues definitely echo the mid century styles of the past. Geometric Throw Pillow Covers, $20.


#2. A Bullet Planter Paradise

A classic blue bullet planter sporting the color of the year.

Breathe new life into your home with a classic bullet planter. Both chic and sleek, these Emissary pieces add an extra level of MCM charm wherever they are set. Emissary Bullet Planter, $157.


#3. Time to Revamp With This Lamp

A classic blue lamp with a diamond-shaped design scheme, displaying the color of the year.

Shed some light on the subject with this intricate mid century table lamp. With its classic blue pigment and diamond-shaped detailing, it is bound to be a beautiful beacon that perfectly lights your living room! Taylor Ceramic Table Lamp, $141.


#4. “Wow-Worthy” Wall Art

A collection of starburst wall paintings colored classic blue.

The mid century starburst is a time-honored design destined to represent the most crowd-pleasing colors. And with this abstract collection of starburst prints, classic blue has never looked better! Abstract Geometric Wall Art, $47.


#5. Goodie, Goodie, Goblets

Color of the year, classic blue, glass goblets.

Clink, clink! Raise a glass to the color of the year with these classic blue goblets. Not only does the pigment wonderfully complement the glass design, but it also brings a velvety nostalgia to the table, sticking true to Pantone’s vision. Boston Goblet Set, $128.


#6. Tick, Tock, Give It up for This Lustrous Clock

Classic blue wall clock with gold embellishments around the numbers and hands.

There’s always time to bring some extra spice to your mid century spaces. And with this refined quartz clock, you’ll do just that, bringing a sophisticated demeanor through a classic blue body and gold embellishments. Decorative Wall Clock, $35.


#7. A Rug That’s ALL the Rage

A mid century color-blocked rug sporting the color of the year, classic blue.

Boasting a color-blocked design and an alluring collection of hues, this mid century rug will be the perfect counterpart to any floor. Rivet Geometric Color Blocking Rug, $180.


#8. Please Don’t Stop the Music!

A classic blue record player with a velvety-black interior.

Calling all record-lovers! Tie two classics into one with this tastefully-tinted record player. You’ll be able to play your tunes with the added ambiance of a classic blue facade! Victrola Record Player, $45.


Now that you have the perfect color in mind, check out the top three mid century trends you should know for 2020!

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