bedroom view with two white bullet planters.

You’ve searched and scoured your nearby vintage stores in hopes of landing that coveted Bullet Planter to finish off your finely curated modern home — only to find yourself leaving empty-handed and disappointed with a less than stellar selection of retro décor. Instead, brighten up your home with one of new, affordable bullet planters that pops with color from the natural elements of the outdoors.

As a key design feature to any midcentury modern home, incorporating a wide range of plants into any sleek design style can easily make a big impact with very little effort. So, it’s no wonder that the bullet planter has remained a consistent staple in modern homes since the 1950s.

Made in the United States, this bullet planter maintains the iconic look of a fiberglass bowl set upon a tripod of steel legs. Offered in both white and black, this planter will be sure to stand out in any space. has set out to preserve the integrity of this retro design in hopes that more people will be able to enjoy their very own bullet planter — even when they can’t score an original at their favorite vintage stop.

two black bullet planters placed in front of a window beside an orange Eames chair.
Adding a bullet planter to those small and awkward corners finish off a modern style.

Lush greenery adds a bit of peace and tranquility even to a modern home.

Greenery is synonymous with midcentury design, which is why it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to decorate their home with a wide range of plants more than ever before. The Bullet Planter is a revitalized classic and a natural fit for any modern décor. With its cone-shaped, fiberglass bowl and its sturdy, pencil-thin legs, this accent piece will seamlessly fit into any design space.

But that doesn’t mean they are only suited for the great indoors. Your patios and porches should reflect the same sleek mod style. Layer in various sizes and colors of classic affordable bullet planters to create a mini garden vibe. Even those small and hard-to-style corners, you can turn them into your new favorite focal point of your home.

black and white assorted and affordable bullet planters.
Even those on a budget can own their very own high-quality bullet planter.

Chic modern design doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

With vintage and popularity comes a hefty price tag! This rings true, especially for a widely sought-after design piece such as the bullet planter. At, owner and creator, Ian Maclean knows the importance of affordable design.

“Over the years, we have gotten a lot of inquiries from customers about making bullet planters. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and when we set out to do it, we wanted to make high quality and affordable bullet planters and I think we’ve achieved that.” Ian Maclean, Owner of

No matter what room you’re looking to brighten up, check out for a wide variety of options, including retro table legs and fixtures, to create that perfect modern look.

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