Classic Mid Century Modern design will never go out of style— but that doesn’t mean there aren’t trends that occasionally influence it! And 2020 promises to be full of some great ones. At High Point Market, we got the chance to hear Julie Smith Vincenti, creative director and owner of Nine Muses Media, talk about the trends she’s loving for the upcoming year.

Some of the trends are bold and exciting, while others take a simpler approach. Either way, there’s sure to be one you’ll love. And each of them pair perfectly with Mid Century Modern design, so we’ve curated a few of our favorite pieces in that style! Check them out below.

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animalier mid century modern trends
The living room is the perfect place for a touch of Animalier. Get The look: Lamp | Throw Pillow | Coffee Table | Couch | Print

Animalier has its roots in 19th century France, where artists began to paint realistic deceptions of animals. This trend continued, as animal motifs, like leopard pattern or fur, became popular designs in the home. And today, it’s coming back with style. Vincenti believes that animal prints are becoming “the new neutral,” and this growing trend plays on it.

This style also features deep, rich colors and brutalist elements, like blocky dressers or side tables. Animalier has some tropical influence too— don’t be shy about adding in a few of your favorite houseplants. This eccentric and sophisticated look brings a bold twist to classic Mid Century Modern design.

color drenching mid century modern trends
Brighten up the bedroom with some color drenching! Get the look: Print | Throw Pillows | Dresser | Blanket | Bed

If couldn’t tell by the title of this trend, it’s filled with color. “[Color drenching] is taking that one color and building upon it, with different shades and tones,” says Vincenti. Bright colors are perfect in this unique, fun look. But color drenching shouldn’t look too similar— use different textures and materials to provide contrast.

Color drenching looks great alongside the exciting, bold look of Mid Century Modern design. Try out this trend with a classic red, go for a happy yellow, or experiment with a grown-up green. Either way, you’re sure to find the hue just for you.

pastel focus mid century modern trends
Give your dining room a calming vibe with some gentle pastels. Get the look: Eucalyptus | Print | Coasters | Table | Chair

“There’s a growing focus on wellness,” says Vincenti, “and that’s making its way into design.” Filled with pastel colors, organic motifs, and simple shapes, this trend is sure to bring some peace into your home. The washed-out hues give a space a relaxing feeling, and the inclusion of light wood and greenery makes a space feel alive.

This trend also features a focus on beautiful, natural shapes, like geodes, crystals and tree burls. It’s very much a back-to-basics style. If you like Mid Century minimalism, this trend will fit in perfectly.

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