incredibles kitchen
After setting out to rescue her husband, Helen Parr calls to check in on Jack-Jack and the babysitter, Kari McKeen. Courtesy of Pixar

If you’re a fan of pop culture trivia, then you are probably aware of how Pixar’s The Incredibles (2004) was greatly influenced by Mid Century Modern design and the technological optimism of the Atomic Era. In reference to the film’s production design, Director Brad Bird stated, “For me, it’s the 1960s view of what we believed life was going to be like today.” Each of the movie’s animated sets embraces a balance of retro nostalgia with futuristic aesthetic. 

Since its premier, The Incredibles has inspired many to embrace the MCM style at home. The kitchen in this San Diego home is one such space, specifically designed to lift the superheroes’ style right off the silver screen and into reality. 

 Real Life Movie Incredibles Kitchen

Immediately, you will notice the similar color scheme used in both kitchens. According to the architect, Marc Fredrickson, the real-life boldly colored cabinets are laminate, manufactured by the Italian company, Abet Laminati. This turquoise-green color gives off a 1960s diner vibe. When paired with the white quartz countertops, the look creates a homey yet retro atmosphere. 

When you look at the wood accents in the San Diego home, you might notice how much it pops. The island’s upper cabinet and bar are covered with rosewood veneer, coated with a custom stain to enhance the wood’s natural color and grain. 

Real movie kitchen from the Incredibles with laminate cabinets, quartz counters, stainless steel appliances, and terrazzo floors
Photo by Architect Marc Fredrickson

Both kitchens incorporate a similar l-shaped design which helps direct kitchen traffic and enhances storage space. Adding to the nostalgic feel are the cabinets’ angles and edges. Notice how, in both the film version and the real-life version, the cabinets have a smaller footprint at the bottom, and then angle outward toward the top.

Just as in the film, this kitchen contains modern stainless-steel appliances. We’ll note that while having your kitchen look like its from the 1960s is great, the San Diego home takes full advantage of new and improved appliances.

incredibles kitchen
After a night of secretly rescuing people goes wrong, Bob Parr attempts to sneak into his home. Courtesy of Pixar

While there are so many qualities where these two kitchens are identical, there are some differences that are fun to spot. One aspect that is different is the location of the kitchen within the home, and how the location influences the layout. The animated kitchen features a unique window that somehow manages to seamlessly span across a corner of the home’s structure. The San Diego kitchen is not positioned against exterior walls, but still has plenty of natural light and views through nearby windows. 

The Incredibles Pixar Kitchen Come to Life
Photo by Architect Marc Fredrickson

Many of us watching a movie or TV show, fantasize what living in one of the character’s homes would be like. For these homeowners, they get to feel like they are stepping into The Incredibles world every time they walk into their kitchen. Find more about this incredible home here.