modern vegetable garden seattle
Courtesy of Seattle Urban Farm.

This time of the year is already the ideal time to start your veggie garden. But, add in the fact that you *probably* have some extra spare time on your hands and you’ve never had a better chance to create your perfect garden!

And because this is Atomic Ranch, what’s a vegetable garden without a little bit of mid century modern style? We’ve included a few of our favorite modern gardens from around the web— and don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to read a few gardening tips and tricks from the experts.

If You Have A Little Space For A Garden

small space modern vegetable garden
Sources: Garden 1, Garden 2, Garden 3

Apartment dwellers everywhere, do not fear! If you have a balcony, you can have a mid mod garden. The sleek lines of mid century style fit in perfectly with small space gardening, so build or buy narrow raised beds to your heart’s content.

Experiment with texture (both in gardening beds and plants) to create a dynamic, vibrant garden that can stand up to even the largest, most extravagant one. And really, you don’t even need a balcony for your own mini retro garden— plant some hardier veggies in a few bullet planters near a sunny window for a similar feel.

If You Have Just The Right Amount Of Space For A Garden

backyard modern vegetable garden
Sources: Garden 1, Garden 2, Garden 3

Take advantage of awkward outdoor spaces to create a unique veggie garden, like using terraced planters on a sloped yard or tall, narrow beds against an unsightly fence. It’s an excellent way to exemplify the mid century modern design principle of efficiency in your own backyard!

And speaking of yards, don’t forget that your front yard is as good of green space as any! A public-facing vegetable garden can make your home look lush and inviting, and it’s the perfect way to make your home more pollinator (and earth) friendly.

If You’re Looking For Something Unique For Your Garden

unique modern vegetable garden
Sources: Garden 1, Garden 2, Garden 3

If you have a whole backyard or greenhouse to dedicated to your mid mod garden, it can be overwhelming deciding what to do with it all! Break up the space with multiple large, raised beds or a garden that’s equal parts form and function.

And make a greenhouse look more modern by using the same color throughout or by incorporating a trellis in the middle of the structure to add visual interest.

Tips and Tricks From The Experts

modern vegetable garden
Courtesy of Elias Morr

Ready to create your own mid mod veggie garden? Before you break out the seeds and soil, check out a few expert tips that will set up your garden for success.

  1. Make sure what you’re planting will actually grow in your climate! Don’t put all that hard work in only to realize oranges aren’t the best fit for your Pennsylvania patio. Check out this growing calendar from the National Gardening Association to learn what the best things to plant for your region are.
  2.  Grow compatible crops together, like tomatoes, basil and onions. “Consider the classic Native American combination, the ‘three sisters:’ corn, beans, and squash,” says Good Housekeeping. “Sturdy cornstalks support the pole beans, while squash grows freely on the ground below, shading out competing weeds.”
  3. If you’re planting in containers like pots or small beds, make sure you have a way for excess moisture to drain away. Drill holes at the bottom of pots or place a layer of pebbles covered by a thin screen to help excess water out while keeping soil in.
  4. Speaking of moisture: “overwatering is worse than under-watering,” says Planet Natural. “It is easier to revive a dry plant than try to dry out drowned roots.” Therefore, make sure you’re watering your plants only when they need it.
  5. And finally: location, location, location! Before you plant anything, study your space and figure out where you can get the best light, soil and stable environment (ie: not prone to flooding or excess wind). According to the Farmer’s Almanac, “A sub-par location can result in sub-par veggies!”

Time to start your own garden. Remember: learn from the experts, study your space and give your veggie garden some mid mod flair!

Not feeling the whole modern vegetable garden? Maybe houseplants are more of your style.

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