When you picture architecture characteristic of the Maryland shore, you might imagine quaint cottages covered in cedar-shake siding, ocean-inspired paint colors and weathervanes featuring sea creatures. While that is certainly classic and charming, there are waterside homes that choose to take a different path and stand out from the rest. One such standout is this mid century remodel.

A mid century modern remodeled home in Maryland home with a paneled exterior.
Nature is all around this home. On the 5-acre property, the grand old-growth trees are original, while new native trees were added to boost privacy.

In Easton, Maryland, you might be surprised to see a mid century modern masterpiece flanking the shore of the Tred Avon River. Despite being loved by its original owners (who moved into the home in 1958), in recent years the 2,660-square-foot home had been woefully neglected.

But with those views and the bones in place, the new owners couldn’t pass it up. That’s when Gregory Wiedemann, AIA Principal of Wiedemann Architects, and his team stepped in to bring this storied home back to life.

Renovated With Reverence

Through his firm, Wiedemann has been renovating historic homes and building new custom homes for over three decades.

He says, “We are known for sympathetic additions and renovations of older homes. We seek to respect the character of the original architecture while providing for the modern needs of our clients.”

A mid century modern remodeled home's mid century living room with a blue couch and large-paned windows.
The wood beams that preside over the living room are original to the home but were stained for a fresher look. The windows and doors were reglazed with insulated glass, while the previous layout was maintained.

Wiedemann certainly paid a lot of respect to this Maryland home, now measuring 3,454 square feet including the carport (which now also includes a pool house). He worked along with AIA Associate Barbara Sweeney and interior designer Shaun Jackson; from design to completion, the project took one year. Many of the original elements still stand today alongside the renovations.

On the interior, “only minor changes were made to the east end to provide a powder room and laundry,” Wiedemann says of the mid century remodel project. In the central space, an indoor pool was removed, and the kitchen was fully renovated. The western wall of the living space was moved, as Wiedemann explains, “one bay to the east to provide a more generous area for the master suite on the west end.”

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A mid century modern remodeled home featuring a kitchen with a blue island and corresponding bar stools.
A bubble chandelier embodies mid century wit and charm amid modern-day materials and features, like Carrara marble and streamlined custom cabinetry.

With the mid century remodel, the foyer now contains sleek bookshelves that solidify the horizontal lines seen throughout the home. The existing bathrooms and kitchen were renovated in their original locations. And the floor, which was acutely out of level, was rebuilt with new hardwood flooring.

A mid century modern remodeled home featuring a collection of wood grain shelves in the master suite.
The woodgrain appearance in the master suite spotlights a material that was quite popular in the MCM era: American walnut. “This is similar to the panels in the rest of the home,” Wiedemann says.

Echoes of the original home are still visible in many of the spaces. Wiedemann explains, “The footprint of the home remained unchanged, and the exterior was restored. The bathrooms on the east end were maintained with upgraded finishes. The three secondary bedrooms were kept, and the built-in cabinets and beds were refreshed.”

A mid century modern remodeled home with a white-toned bathroom scheme directly perpendicular to the grand windows.
Quite a bit of renovating was done to achieve this luxe, expansive bath, which connects to the master suite. Wiedemann shares that the entire west end of the home was completely reconfigured to accommodate this change.

A Superior Exterior

The exterior of this home looked hopelessly dilapidated when Wiedemann first laid eyes on it. The paint was chipped, the surfaces were dingy and the carport was very close to collapsing. Wiedemann’s team lovingly painted the red brick, which was repointed with recessed horizontal joints to emphasize the horizontality of the home.

The exterior of a home with a classic-pointed roof and large glass panes.
The original wood beams inside the home continue to the outside—they were sanded and refinished during remodeling.

In addition to replacing the roof and exterior trim, Wiedemann says, “the aluminum windows and doors were reglazed and reconditioned. The exterior panels were replaced with enameled infill panels in original locations.”

The carport was restored top-to-bottom, and a new pool and terrace were installed as well. Although these are valuable additions to this home, the true soul of this property lies in its dreamy waterfront views. Wiedemann reflects: “The home acknowledges that low-lying landscape of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, while being an outstanding example of mid century residential architecture.”

The exterior of a mid century modern remodel home with a classic-pointed roof and large glass panes.

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