Mid century modern design is a style that has been widely incorporated into the framework of American architecture. Both as a cultural and nostalgic force. (We should know— we have an entire magazine dedicated to it!)

However, the U.S. is not the only country that draws inspiration from this specific design style. Structures in Palm Springs, Hollywood, Portland, New York, and many others, have not only influenced other places to adopt this style, but have also been influenced themselves. There are mid century modern homes across the globe that are inspirations of preservation and interior design.

From Tokyo to Turkey, you can find several examples of buildings that exemplify the space-age minimalism and sleek geometry that mid century modernism proposes.

Because of its artistic flexibility, designers have actively made use of this style, intertwining it into their own cultural landscape and connecting themselves to other countries, both socially and artistically.

That being said, at Atomic Ranch we’ve had the opportunity to learn how mid century modern design and architecture has been displayed all over the world. Here are just a few of our favorite international niches for MCM style:

#1. A Wonder from Down Under

An international example of MCM design in Australia composed of a living room with blue carpeting and dense wooden decor.
Photo Courtesy of Natalie Jeffcott/Apartment Therapy

Victoria, Australia is a city brimming with mid-century modern surprises. For example, in the residential locale of Beaumaris, Annie Price and Jamie Peterson have created the coziest MCM oasis. But it wasn’t all that easy. They actually bought the home with the intention of renovating entirely, implementing mid-century influences such as bold, saturated decor and a sleek wooden frame. Even down to the round, minimalist doorknobs, this 1960’s home makes use of modernist style in a succinct and charming way. Learn more about this renovation here!

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#2. All Smiles for Sweden

An international house tour in Sweden, showcasing the minimalist wooden framed living room and blue flooring.
Photo Courtesy of PlastoLux

Designed by Greta Magnusson Grossman, this architectural marvel combines both Scandanavian and Californian MCM influences to create a space that is all too enticing. Composed of an open floor plan, glass walls, wooden ceilings, and mosaic tile floors, this designer focused on bringing light into the home, fashioning what is now known as the Swedish “Villa Sundin”. Read our take on this 1959 mid-century home here!

#3. A Home Away from Home

The interior of the Atura Blacktown Hotel industrial-inspired lobby with an array of geometric MCM decor.
Photo Courtesy of Atura Blacktown.

Let’s give it up for Australia one more time! The Atura Blacktown is a marvelous exemplar of mid-century modern style and how its influence can be found in the hospitality industry. Seated in New South Wales, this mid-century masterpiece checks all the boxes you would expect to see from a modernist hotel: industrial frame, geometric decor, sleek pool design, and retro wall designs. Describing itself as “urban, industrial and art-inspired,” this lavish lodging is absolutely perfect for every MCM enthusiast out there. Learn more about the Atura Blacktown and how to book your trip here!

#4. Nordic Know-How

An international architecture tour piece, known as the Nordic House, with a white and black geometric frame.
Photo Courtesy of Ilmur G. via TripAdvisor.

Built in 1968 and designed by Alvar Aalto, the Nordic House is a classic example of Icelandic mid-century modernism. Home to a public library that hosts several cultural events, this structure is rooted in the concept of engaging the community. As for its interior, it boasts a rectilinear base with cylindrical skylights above, making use of wood and tile to create a sleek minimalist frame. Read more about the Nordic House and Aalto’s design philosophy here!

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