Bosjes Chapel exterior
Bosjes Chapel’s design evokes hills or wings. Its impressive sculptural form is also self-supporting.

Bosjes Chapel, an awe-inspiring structure, takes its inspiration from the surrounding landscape and the imagery of Psalm 36:7: “How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! / People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.”

Bosjes Chapel surrounding landscape
The chapel is surrounded by mountains and farmland that serves as a vineyard and pomegranate orchard.

About the Context

Coetzee Steyn of London-based Steyn Studio designed the chapel. It sits on the Western Cape of South Africa on a private farm that includes a vineyard and pomegranate orchard. The architecture is in conversation with its surroundings and the area’s history. The undulating roof not only echoes the landscape, but the lack of a spire is in keeping with the Moravian tradition in the region. 

Bosjes Chapel roof
Bosjes Chapel sits on a plinth, and the concrete roof anchors itself where it touches the plinth.

About the Architecture

The chapel sits on a plinth and atop a reflective pond. Made of cast shell concrete, the roof is self-supporting. Where the concrete waves touch the plinth serves to anchor the structure. Where each wave rises, high glazed windows afford expansive views.

Bosjes Chapel roof
Wherever the roof peaks, the structure is supported by simple wood crosses.

The roof tapers off in upward curves at each corner, giving the impression of continuing into its surroundings. According to Steyn Studio, the chapel’s design is meant to be “an open embrace which invites in.”

Bosjes Chapel interior
Also in keeping with the Moravian tradition, the inside is simple. The minimalism allows the ceiling’s contours to frame the view.

Inside, terrazzo floors reflect the light and the focus of the rectangular floor plan is an unadorned cross and the view outside. The floor, white ceiling, and high windows allow light to take centerstage.

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