Pablo Picasso said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” These days, if staying indoors is making you feel a little extra dusty, here’s a good reminder that you can take in all the education and inspiration of a museum right through your screen. We’ve complied a list of virtual art tours and exhibits being offered by the nation’s top modern art museums, galleries and art curators. Hopefully they’ll not only help you pass the time and feel less cooped up, but you’ll also get a breath of fresh creative air.

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Missouri

modern art from Willem De Kooning and Josef Albers
Left: WILLEM DE KOONING Boudoir, 1951. Right: JOSEF ALBERS Homage to the Square: Red Brass, 1961. Courtesy the Nelson Atkins Museum.

Kick off your virtual art tour in Kansas City, Missouri where the Nelson Atkins Museum collection spans from ancient to contemporary work. However their collection of Modern art is impressive and they’ve offered a searchable catalog online. Browse the museum’s online collection of modernist artists like Willem De Kooning and Josef Albers.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Left: HANS HOFFMAN, To Miz-Pax Vobiscum, 1964. Right: DONALD JUDD, Untitled, 1967. Courtesy of The Modern.

Like the Nelson Atkins, The Modern in Fort Worth currently has a selection of Josef Albers works on view. But you can also search their modern collection by artist and peruse art from Hans Hoffman to Donald Judd to name a few.

The Museu de Arte de Sao Paolo, Google Arts & Culture

A look inside the Museu de Arte de Sao Paolo’s unique gallery display. Courtesy of

A modern art museum in Brazil is just about inaccessible as it gets these days. But not so thanks to the museum’s highly interactive site and this great post from Google Arts & Culture which truly brings this virtual art tour to life. Between the two you’ll learn about architect Lina Bo Bardi who designed the Museum’s floating Brutalist building– a work of art in itself. And the innovative way the museum displays some pieces in it’s collection.

Art Angels, Los Angeles

modern artwork by Flore
Left: FLORE, The Symphony, 2019. Right: FLORE, Something Modern Install Featuring Spite, undated.

This exhibit isn’t by an artist from the mid century era, but rather an artist inspired by the mid century era. Christopher Florentino aka Flore, is a New York-based artist whose work ranges from Keith Harring-inspired paintings to contemporary pieces inspired by mid century modern interior design. His latest series, The Modernist, expresses a kinetic approach to thought expression heavily influenced by the likes of De Kooning, CY Twombly & Jean Michael Basquiat.

The Bauhaus Project, Google Arts & Culture

the bauhaus project, google arts & culture
Via Google Arts & Culture

One more from the powerhouses at Google Arts & Culture. The Bauhaus Project  attempts to take a fun and comprehensive look at the Bauhaus movement not only in art, architecture and furniture but also into costume design and textile design. The exhibit is video heavy and interactive and is guaranteed to make you say, “hmm!”

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