a modern fire pit in an Eichler backyard
Photo by Jim Brown

Whether it’s for a fun night of s’mores making, or just making that evening glass of wine feel a bit more relaxing, now’s the perfect time to splurge on a modern fire pit for your backyard. And why not—if stay-cationing is your best bet this fall, you might as well enjoy the crisp autumn air in style! Here are a few of our top picks for modern fire pits.

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bowl shaped modern fire pit on a wood deck

This gas fire bowl is made from fiber-cast concrete making it hefty yet lightweight.  The look is simple, bold and chic.

white round modern fire pit at the center of an outdoor seating area

If you love to entertain, you’ll love the wide rim of this large modern fire pit. It’s perfect for kicking your feet up on setting your glass of wine on.

chrome modern fire pit that is wood burning

Looking for a wood burning option? This small steel bonfire unit can burn wood and stay smokeless thanks to a bottom vent-hole design.

Carbon steel modern fire pit with burning fire near a body of water.

This is an Art Magnum fire pit with a sophisticated design in mind. Made of carbon steel with an iron oxide patina, this beauty doesn’t require any upkeep so you can enjoy time with your friends and family without the worry of cleanup.

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rusted geometric designed fire pit by the lake

Sculptural, dramatic and bold, this modern fire pit looks like a garden feature even when not in use. Made of Corten Weathering Steel, it’s meant to age and morph with time in the most beautiful way.

electic fire pit with glass wind screen

This electric option is chic and elegant for that sophisticated outdoor area your in the market for. The glass windscreen protects the flame and you and possible little ones that may be enjoying the outdoors with you.

long rectangular fire pit in the middle of a seating area in front of a pool
Need a custom shape for a unique spot in your patio? We love this elongated design that can warm a full sectional worth of people. The simple sleek design is a stylish choice.
bright blue retro modern fire pit
Mod Fire fire pits are the cream of the crop. If you’re looking for a modern fire pit with an atomic edge, this vibrant option should fit the bill.
triangular steel fire pit
File this artistic option under the ornamental category. The distinctive shape of the Stahl fire pit is dynamic, alluring and thoroughly modern.
green steel fire pit with bubble laser cut design
How about a fun option for your retro backyard? Mod Fire’s solfire model is eye catching, bubbly and above all one-of-a-kind!
sleek whit modern fire pit
Minimal chic. This modern fire pit has a resort like feel thanks to it’s simple styling and textural stone base.
pyramid shaped iron fire pit in between two modern black chairs
This modern fire pit stands out in the crowd. Made in the USA of steel and touting a high profile triangular design, it’s a model of robust form meets function.
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