If you could send one song to an alien civilization—one ultimate song to showcase the depth and talent of humanity—which song would you choose?

Luckily, NASA didn’t have to face this choice. In 1977, they sent two records into space, each record containing nature sounds, 55 languages and 27 internationally famous musical pieces, including Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria and “Melancholy Blues” by Louis Armstrong. 

 Thankfully, you won’t have to travel any further to find eight accessible and chic ways to store your favorite vinyls (and none of them involve spacecrafts).

They’re all right here:

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Cherry wood record rack displayed on the floor in front of a record player.
Photo courtesy of prathermade.com.

1. Prather Storage Racks: 

Handcrafted and environmentally responsible, Prathermade designs several display and storage options in a range of different wood selections, including maple, walnut and cherry. It’s easy to find a model that complements the aesthetics of your home. Prices vary depending on the design. Browse their selection at prathermade.com.

Mid Century Modern record storage by DesignAtelierArticle on Etsy
Photo courtesy of DesignAtelierArticle

2. Hand Forged Metal Record Stand:

Simple storage racks like this one are a chic choice for keeping your collection of vinyl records organized, up front and center. We found this one on Etsy for $109.

Courtesy of MidCenturyWarehouse

3. Small Media Console Record Cabinet

With stylish sliding doors and a gorgeous finish, this cabinet makes a statement! It’s currently available at MidCenturyWarehouse.com for 500

Mid Century Modern record storage
Photo courtesy of RusticIndustrialMI

4. Record Player Stand with Vinyl Storage.

The options are endless when you get to choose the height, length and stain to customize this record stand and storage. Perch your player on top, and fill the center shelving with all the records you can fit!

Photo courtesy of Chairish

5.Vintage Walnut Record Album Storage Cabinet

 If you’re like me, sometimes your organizational skills are best kept behind closed doors. Cabinets are a great way to keep your records cool and collected while retaining an uncluttered room. You can find this circa 1950s cabinet on Chairish. 

Black carpeted storage case with side handles and metal lock.
Photo courtesy of amazon.com.

6. Odyssey Carpeted Storage Case:

Ideal if you’re planning on moving records long-distances in a car or plane. The carpet will keep your sleeves from getting scratched and your records from being (dare we say it) shattered. Large ones can store up to 200 vinyl records—great for long-term storage. The bulk and price of these may seem tedious, but the protection of your collection is well worth the extra struggle. You can find these on Amazon.

Black, metal side-table with a wire storage rack underneath. Placed in a modern bedroom.
Photo courtesy of urbanoutfitters.com.

7. Lola Vinyl Storage Console:

Inspired by the all-wire racks of the MCM-era, this stand adds a solid surface on top to double as night table. It’s a slender and classic approach to record storage that will keep your living space organized and chic. Find it here at Urban Outfitters.

8. Record Frame:

Display your album covers like the works of art that they are with an album frame like this one, found on Amazon. The pine wood is in it’s natural state, so you have the option to leave it as-is, or customize it with stain or paint. 

Photo courtesy of 1stDibs

9. Tambour Door Record Cabinet

This cabinet is elegance itself, with a slide-out tray on one side for your record player and slotted storage to hold records upright on the other. At $2,600, this piece is an investment in timeless style.

Photo courtesy of Ikea

10. Kallax Storage Unit

Rounding out our selections with a budget buy from the ubiquitous IKEA, the Kallax squared unit system offers storage for a wide variety of keepsakes, including vinyl records. The Kallax storage system comes in a variety of colors (white, black, black-brown) and styles. Prices vary depending on units and size. Check out the selection here.

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