What do yogurt cups, coffee grounds, and plant pots all have in common? You guessed it! They’re all components in the latest recycling development from Smile Plastics a terrazzo tile like material that will have your home looking good and have you feeling even better about your contribution to helping to eliminate plastic waste. 

Colorful recycled materials fused together to make black, pink, turquoise and, white, and marbled terrazzo tile.
Courtesy of Smile Plastics

Pioneered by Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan, this manufacturing and design company takes pride in sustainable artisanal materials, and has crafted a unique process to deliver their eco-friendly vision to designers around the world.

Exclusively handmade, Smile Plastics sources an array of 100% recyclable packaging, plastics, and other materials as the base of their product. After these pieces are personally arranged, the company presses them into a cohesive whole, making each tile special in its own respect.

Blue and white speckled tile highlighting Smile Plastic's process.
Courtesy of Smile Plastics.

These tiles range in color but are currently sold in seven general variations: Alba, Kaleido, Charcoal, Blue Dapple, Black Dapple, Ocean, and Grey Mist.  

A variation of multi-colored tile options wih some reminiscent of terrazzo tile.
Courtesy of Smile Plastics.

Now, how can these designs bring some MCM mastery to your home?

Well, not only are they environmentally responsible, but both the Alba and Ocean tile ranges are highly reminiscent of terrazzo.

Plant on a table near a speckled white wall that is reminiscent of terrazzo tile.
Courtesy of Smile Plastics.

As you may know, terrazzo tiling has been a statement material since the 16th century, where Venetian mosaic workers found that cracked and unfinished pieces of marble could be reworked into an entirely new design. From that point forward, terrazzo has taken the world by storm, being used in some of the most iconic buildings (such as The Guggenheim) and becoming a style sought after by many mid-mod enthusiasts. 

The material is highly durable because of its speckled blend of glass, stone, granite, and marble, and offers a “pieced-together” look that can take on a variety of forms and colors.

Terrazzo tile art piece with several different alternative recyclable materials.
Specialty commissioned tiles to mimic the classic terrazzo-tile look. Art Direction by Olivia Bennett. Photography Courtesy of Kristy Noble.

So, similar to terrazzo’s resourceful history, Smile Plastics offers a material of the same strain, but with an ecologically conscious twist. While it’s too slippery for floors, the terrazzo tile can be used to renovate the bathroom walls, or bring an MCM-inspired twist to your kitchen counter or backsplash!

No matter its use, this eco-friendly product is guaranteed to bring “green” to the mid-mod scene. To purchase a sample or inquire about a larger project, please visit Smile Plastic’s website!

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