Curt Cline Modern House Eichler Curb
Take a xeriscape approach to landscaping and focus on the plants native to your area in order to avoid the need for irrigation.

In continuation of Part 1 of this amazing Quincy Jones Eichler renovation, see how the landscaping, color scheme and overall curb appeal make this home the most stunning on the block.

Curt Cline Modern House Renovation Eichler
Don’t neglect the door of your midcentury home—add a bright accent color such as orange, red or teal to draw your guests’s eye.

Architect Curt Cline of Modern House was tasked with keeping this 1960s Northern California Eichler ranch faithful to the original aesthetic as he redesigned it, which meant keeping the landscape faithful to Northern Californian terrain as well. When it comes to revisiting the landscape of your home, Cline has a magic rule: “Look at what is native to the region,” he says. “Try not to create an artificial aesthetic.” Conscious of the drought, Cline designed the front yard with xeriscaping, using native plants and rocks or mulch, avoiding the need for any irrigation at all. He removed both front and back lawns, and replaced them with deer grasses and Mexican southern grasses that were better suited to the Northern California landscape. He also planted the yard with bamboo, many varieties of which are naturally drought tolerant.

For a finishing touch to the curb appeal of the home, Cline added a bright red door. “It’s really Eichler,” he says. He brought the same color into the kitchen, another move in keeping with the midcentury ranch home aesthetic. This accent, especially paired with the neutral gray and white exterior paint job, draws the eye from the sidewalk and up into this incredible home.