For Mara and Frank Inangelo, falling in love with their dream Midcentury Modern house was as easy as scrolling real estate listings. Deciding it was indeed right the right home for them and securing it—that was much harder.

Spoiler alert: Their house hunting story starts with a midcentury house, takes a few twists thanks to flippers and putting their own house on the market, a pre-sale home inspection, and a “hail Mary” offer.

Being sold by the original owner’s daughters, a letter about Mara and Frank’s intention for the home may very well have clinched their bid.

Here’s a little peek:

“As we sat in the car looking at the house, we talked about all the work that it needed, how it smelled terrible in the basement and how it would most likely be one of the biggest projects of our lives (notwithstanding the toddler sitting in the back seat). But we also knew it had potential, that someone had designed and built the house with a lot of thought and care, and that it had clearly been loved and taken care of by the people who had lived there for many years.”

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Upon finding the listing Mara did an Internet search of the address, which yielded tempting information. The home sat “tucked away in a cul-de-sac on a quiet street but still close to restaurants, shops, parks, and the art museum. It was also less than a mile from one of the city’s best elementary schools. And priced about $50,000 below similar houses in the neighborhood.”